OVRLKD: The Walters - I Love You So

It's time for the second OVRLKD post here on the blog because I definitely missed out on something very important last month. Towards the tail end of September a track entitled "I Love You So" was released on bandcamp by 'five regular hunks from Chicago' who called themselves The Walters. I didn't catch on to the musical act until a week or so ago thanks to a friend, but since then I've been hooked like it's nobody's business. A soft intro progressively builds into a full-fledged powerhouse of a song with soothing guitars and drums that help to stabilize the floating lyrics that are melancholic yet charming. Put simply: this song is like candy and I can't get enough, the chorus feels so good that you never want it to stop. With only this one song under their belt at the moment, I can't wait to hear the rest of Songs For Dads when it's released in mid-November via their bandcamp. Hats off to these guys.