Radiator Hospital - Bedtime Story

Imagine if all of your favorite "indie" music artists from the early nineties came together and used all of their special songwriting powers to create the perfect album. You imagined it? Great. Now allow me to make that fantasy somewhat of a reality because Radiator Hospital have a new album coming out that's as close as you can get to that dream. Rockin' and poppin' fuzzy DIY jams litter the track list of the band's sophomore Torch Song. The whole album is nice and warm with high energy to ensure you'll wanna play it over and over again. Take a listen to "Bedtime Story" off the release below to get a taste of the band's sweet vibes. Rock on.


Foxes in Fiction - Ontario Gothic

Howdy everybody. Long time no see! I've been slacking big time lately on keeping up with the blog; reason being: I've been in the process of moving into a rad ass apartment with the girl of my dreams. We're getting a little more settled into our new home day by day so it should be easier to post regularly again. Now that that's out of the way, we may divert our attention to a beautiful new track from Warren Hildebrand's dreamy Foxes In Fiction project. "Ontario Gothic" was released at the start of this month and has Hildebrand's signature silky smooth production all over it. The track is taken from the upcoming album of the same name that's set to drop on September 23rd via Orchid Tapes.