The Foggy Notions - 9 Sgt Cribbs

Canada based six-piece band The Foggy Notions create mind-bending psychedelic shoegaze. I recently stumbled upon them and was taken aback at how great they were. Their most recent release Sussed came out back in August of last year, but that doesn't lessen how solid and enjoyable the album truly is. Take a listen to the final track from the album "9 Sgt Cribbs" and get lost in the sprawling psych atmosphere. The Stone Roses would be proud. 


ESPRIT 空想 - virtua.zip

Whether you want to admit it or not, vaporwave is a legitimate genre. Once buried deep in the bowels of the internet and ridiculed as a joke, the sample based and nostalgia heavy genre has grown into a mature and budding movement. ESPRIT 空想 has been on the forefront of said movement for a good deal of time now and continues to please. virtua.zip came out May 7th and is the most recent release from the Virginia based artist. What sets this album apart from other vaporwave releases is the shift from strictly relying on samples and working towards a more organic sound. Dig in.


Rebel Kind - Today

Introducing Rebel Kind, your new favorite band from Michigan comprised of three cool girls who specialize in alluring lo-fi tracks. The group has been together since last year and have put out a bunch of great stuff. Today came out last month and is the band's most recent album. A foundation of surf and garage rock adds levels of doo-wop and folk to create the perfect soundtrack for anything. The whole release is jam-packed with so much charm I can't take it. Head bobbing, foot tapping, and shoulder swaying are expected and welcomed. 


Throwback Thursdaze: Archers Of Loaf

Welcome to another Throwback Thursdaze post! The year is 1993. Nirvana had just released their third and unknowingly final album, In Utero, Bill Clinton was chilling in the White House, and Michael Jordan had taken home his third championship win with the Chicago Bulls. Meanwhile in Chapel Hill, NC there were four dudes working on what would become one of the most influential and definitive indie rock albums of the nineties. Meet Archers of Loaf and their raw catchy sound after the jump!