Throwback Thursdaze: Short Romans

Ta-da! Introducing a new special feature here on the blog called Throwback Thursdaze. These posts will showcase older artists, albums, and songs that are too good to neglect. Let's get things started with German new-wavers Short RomansThe group had their heyday in the mid to late 1980's and put out a total of three albums. They had the most success with their self-titled 1987 sophomore release and it's easy to hear why. The two singles from the album really nail their dark and moody sound. Listen and read more about the singles after the jump!

Short Romans - "Radio"

"Radio" was the fist single from the album and it contains one of the most rewarding choruses I've ever heard. The relentless hard-hitting drums provide the perfect backdrop for dreamy guitars to wash over and lure the listener in to the new-wave wonderland. Frontman Dirk Draeger's deep vocals only add to the song's overall coolness. 

Short Romans - "White Sails (If I Had The Power)"

"White Sails (If I Had The Power)" is the second single from the same 1987 album and it's an anthemic track that builds itself up throughout its length. Airy vocals float over a consistently intensifying backbone of drums and guitars that gives the song energy. If this song doesn't get stuck in your head then something is wrong with you. 

Stay tuned for more Throwback Thursdaze posts!