Donovan Blanc - Hungry A Long Time

The newest addition to the holy record label that is Captured Tracks comes in the form of two dudes who have mastered the art of pop. Hailing from New Jersey, Donovan Blanc is comprised of Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab. Black and Schwab were previously a part of the dreamy lo-fi band Honeydrum but have since left in pursuit of a fresh approach. The duo is releasing their self-titled debut album on June 24th and have so far teased us with two stellar singles. "Hungry A Long Time" is the most recent and hits like a stream of mysterious sunshine. Can't wait to hear the rest! 


Jamie xx - Girl

Jamie Smith is better known to the world as Jamie xx; a talented young producer and music artist with a knack for crafting soft sprawling electronic tracks. Towards the end of last week a new track was released from his upcoming single. "Girl" washes over the listener with thumping electronic coolness to create a fluid and charged listening experience. Can't wait to play this while driving around at night. The Girl/Sleep Sound 12" single is coming out May 5th on Young Turks. 


Lockah - Yahoo Or The Highway

UK beatmaker Tom Banks goes by Lockah and has been putting out quality tracks since 2011. Fast forward to now and we finally have a debut album. Yahoo Or The Highway was released April 14th on Donky Pitch and is chock full of radtastic grooving jams perfect for late night cruising or sleek partying. Get a taste of the album by playing "Cleft N Twain" below. Am I the only one that feels like I'm surrounded by artificial plants in the food court of a nineties mall when listening to the aforementioned track? I mean that in the best way possible. Promise. 


Throwback Thursdaze: Short Romans

Ta-da! Introducing a new special feature here on the blog called Throwback Thursdaze. These posts will showcase older artists, albums, and songs that are too good to neglect. Let's get things started with German new-wavers Short RomansThe group had their heyday in the mid to late 1980's and put out a total of three albums. They had the most success with their self-titled 1987 sophomore release and it's easy to hear why. The two singles from the album really nail their dark and moody sound. Listen and read more about the singles after the jump!


Beach Slang - Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?

James Synder has had his fair share of experience playing loud guitars and belting out angst-ridden vocals. Snyder's newest endeavor Beach Slang is a three-piece band whose bio simply reads "Guitar, bass and drums. Played loudly." The group's first release Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? was released April 1st and doesn't stray far away from the band's blunt bio. The four tracks featured on the EP hit hard with a uniquely 90's sheen that feels oh so right. Think Lemonheads, Hüsker Dü, and Japandroids all blended into one irresistible milkshake of rocking-ness. Play it up. 


Chrome Sparks - Goddess

Jeremey Malvin's electronic project Chrome Sparks has been a favorite of mine ever since I first heard his Sparks EP from last year. A few days ago the title track was released from his forthcoming EP Goddess. The track is insanely good and aurally transforms itself to give the listener a versatile and soothing listening experience. Press play to begin your expedition. The EP is out April 28th on Future Classic.