Trust - Capitol

Robert Alfons' dark and danceable work as Trust has remained a favorite of mine since I first heard his debut LP back in 2012. Next month he's releasing his second album Joyland and has teased us with some new material. "Capitol" is the most recent taste of the new album and it's a pulsing, anthemic track that oozes with glitz and gloom. On repeat foreverrrrrrrrrr. Look for the rest of the album on March 4th via Arts & Crafts. 


Flyying Colours - Wavygravy

Wow. I totally missed out on Aussie based shoegazers Flyying Colours and their stellar self-titled debut EP from last year. Fortunately they're now releasing the EP on limited run 180 gram vinyl this March. In the meantime, take a listen to the first single off the EP "Wavygravy" and prepare to fall in love. Swirling guitars blossom over a thick, drudging bassline and luscious vocals serve as the sweet icing on the reverb drenched cake. Perfect.