Cloud Nothings - I'm Not Part Of Me

2014 is shaping up to be a killer year for new releases. Cloud Nothings have announced that their fourth album Here and Nowhere Else will be released April 1st on Carpark Records. The band debuted the album's first single along with the exciting news. "I'm Not Part Of Me" has a more mature sound than what we've heard from the group before but they still manage to maintain the raw, angsty rock-out vibe that they're known and loved for. Check it out.


Mac DeMarco - Passing Out The Pieces

Earlier this week Mac DeMarco took the blogosphere by storm by dropping a new single and giving the deets on his newest album. Mac's upcoming sophomore full-length is entitled Salad Days (of course) and is coming out April 1st. "Passing Out The Pieces" is the single off the release and it showcases a fresher, more varied sound than what we've seen from DeMarco in the past. Think Beatles, Tame Impala, and The Beach Boys all packed into one slimy, jangly, and above all addictive musical treat. All praise Mac. All praise Captured Tracks.


Real Estate - Talking Backwards

Super stoked to find out that Real Estate has finally announced the release date and title for their forthcoming album. Atlas will be the third full length from the band and is coming out on March 4th via Domino Records. "Talking Backwards" is the first single from the album and you can watch the official video up above. Glistening guitars, driving drums, and soothing vocals wash over the whole track to create a catchy and sweet song that I'll no doubt have on repeat the rest of this year.


Songs Of The Year 2013

We already took a tour of what I thought were the best albums of last year, now it's time for the songs of 2013. Forty-five tracks that I listened to non-stop throughout the past year await you after the jump. Play it up.


Albums Of The Year 2013

New Year. New music. But not so fast! We have to take it back to 2013 to go over all the awesome music that it had to offer. I've compiled a list of twenty albums that stood out above the rest for me last year. Explore the list after the jump.