OVRLKD: The Walters - I Love You So

It's time for the second OVRLKD post here on the blog because I definitely missed out on something very important last month. Towards the tail end of September a track entitled "I Love You So" was released on bandcamp by 'five regular hunks from Chicago' who called themselves The Walters. I didn't catch on to the musical act until a week or so ago thanks to a friend, but since then I've been hooked like it's nobody's business. A soft intro progressively builds into a full-fledged powerhouse of a song with soothing guitars and drums that help to stabilize the floating lyrics that are melancholic yet charming. Put simply: this song is like candy and I can't get enough, the chorus feels so good that you never want it to stop. With only this one song under their belt at the moment, I can't wait to hear the rest of Songs For Dads when it's released in mid-November via their bandcamp. Hats off to these guys. 


Communions - So Long Sun

Danish quartet Communions have come out with a new single that sounds like a long lost track from the 80's indie scene. "So Long Sun" is anthemic and dreamy; growing into a colorful echo chamber of synths, tight guitar riffs, and lofty vocals. These guys know their stuff. Look for the So Long Sun/Love Stands Still single when it's released in November on Tough Love Records.


Andy Stott - Violence

Massive new tune from Andy Stott off of his upcoming album Faith In Strangers. The track "Violence" is dark, heavy, and sprawling; taking its time to make sure you feel and hear every distant echo and booming electronic sound. I imagine that this is what would play as a skyscraper is collapsing. Hear the rest of the album when it's released on November 18th via Modern Love. 


Radiator Hospital - Bedtime Story

Imagine if all of your favorite "indie" music artists from the early nineties came together and used all of their special songwriting powers to create the perfect album. You imagined it? Great. Now allow me to make that fantasy somewhat of a reality because Radiator Hospital have a new album coming out that's as close as you can get to that dream. Rockin' and poppin' fuzzy DIY jams litter the track list of the band's sophomore Torch Song. The whole album is nice and warm with high energy to ensure you'll wanna play it over and over again. Take a listen to "Bedtime Story" off the release below to get a taste of the band's sweet vibes. Rock on.


Foxes in Fiction - Ontario Gothic

Howdy everybody. Long time no see! I've been slacking big time lately on keeping up with the blog; reason being: I've been in the process of moving into a rad ass apartment with the girl of my dreams. We're getting a little more settled into our new home day by day so it should be easier to post regularly again. Now that that's out of the way, we may divert our attention to a beautiful new track from Warren Hildebrand's dreamy Foxes In Fiction project. "Ontario Gothic" was released at the start of this month and has Hildebrand's signature silky smooth production all over it. The track is taken from the upcoming album of the same name that's set to drop on September 23rd via Orchid Tapes.


Saint Pepsi - Fiona Coyne

Bam. Just like that Saint Pepsi is back with a new single and he's signed on Carpark Records. The ball just keeps rolling for the 21 year old electronic producer Ryan DeRobertis and his always uplifting, groovalicious tracks. On "Fiona Coyne" we see DeRobertis shedding some of his vaporwave roots in favor of a fresh, juicy approach that is sure to fill the dance floor at any party/club. Open the sunroof, press play, and vibe out. 


OVRLKD: The Hotelier - Home, Like NoPlace Is There

Every year since I have started this blog there has always been a point where I regret missing out on a certain band, album, song, etc. To combat this foolishness on my end I am introducing a new feature called OVRLKD where I will showcase something great that I neglected to cover. The first of these posts is dedicated to Massachusetts' "anti-pop anarcho-punk band" The Hotelier and their recent sophomore album Home, Like NoPlace Is There. The nine track album was released back in February and balances emo and noisy pop-punk to create a thoughtful and insanely enjoyable listening experience. Check out a track from the release below. 


Eleventeen Eston - Two Stroke Vertical Climb

Vibing super hard to Australia based artist Eleventeen Eston and his soft, yacht rock influenced lo-fi tunes. The man behind the music is John William Tanner and his musical mission is to deliver "a type of optimism and sincerity that exists (or did exist) in popular music, beyond any notion of nostalgia." Well said. Delta Horizon is the first full-length from the spaced out musician and it's out now on Not Not Fun. Peep the video to the track "Two Stroke Vertical Climb" off the album up above! 


Razor Apple - Walk Away

Checked my email and was stoked to see a local submission from right here in beautiful Asheville, NC. The band's name is Razor Apple and they're currently comprised of three teens (who're looking for a bassist *hint hint*) who clearly have a deep appreciation for the punk genre. Their new track "Walk Away" may be short, but it packs a punch that is aggressively catchy. I look forward to hearing what else the group has in store! Rage on. 


Lone - Reality Testing

Brand new album from UK based electronic artist Matt Cutler, aka Lone. Cutler has been in the game since 2007 and shows no sign of letting up. Reality Testing just dropped on the 6th of this month and is an aural treat of smooth house and hip-hop infused beats. Meditate. Freestyle. Travel. Reflect. Whatever. This album is mad chill and deserves to be played over and over. Get a taste of the awesomeness by playing "2 is 8" from the album below. Out now via R&S. 


Caribou - Can't Do Without You

Dan Snaith has established himself in the music world as being an electronic music mastermind. Recently it was announced that this October will see the release of his sixth LP Our Love under the Caribou pseudonym. The news came with a fresh single that indicates that longtime fans of the spacey and psych oriented tunes of Snaith's past will surely not be disappointed. "Can't Do Without You" makes the best out of repetition by using one vocal sample in varying ways over an increasingly building and satisfyingly full electronic ensemble. The album is out October 6th on Merge Records. 


The Foggy Notions - 9 Sgt Cribbs

Canada based six-piece band The Foggy Notions create mind-bending psychedelic shoegaze. I recently stumbled upon them and was taken aback at how great they were. Their most recent release Sussed came out back in August of last year, but that doesn't lessen how solid and enjoyable the album truly is. Take a listen to the final track from the album "9 Sgt Cribbs" and get lost in the sprawling psych atmosphere. The Stone Roses would be proud. 


ESPRIT 空想 - virtua.zip

Whether you want to admit it or not, vaporwave is a legitimate genre. Once buried deep in the bowels of the internet and ridiculed as a joke, the sample based and nostalgia heavy genre has grown into a mature and budding movement. ESPRIT 空想 has been on the forefront of said movement for a good deal of time now and continues to please. virtua.zip came out May 7th and is the most recent release from the Virginia based artist. What sets this album apart from other vaporwave releases is the shift from strictly relying on samples and working towards a more organic sound. Dig in.


Rebel Kind - Today

Introducing Rebel Kind, your new favorite band from Michigan comprised of three cool girls who specialize in alluring lo-fi tracks. The group has been together since last year and have put out a bunch of great stuff. Today came out last month and is the band's most recent album. A foundation of surf and garage rock adds levels of doo-wop and folk to create the perfect soundtrack for anything. The whole release is jam-packed with so much charm I can't take it. Head bobbing, foot tapping, and shoulder swaying are expected and welcomed. 


Throwback Thursdaze: Archers Of Loaf

Welcome to another Throwback Thursdaze post! The year is 1993. Nirvana had just released their third and unknowingly final album, In Utero, Bill Clinton was chilling in the White House, and Michael Jordan had taken home his third championship win with the Chicago Bulls. Meanwhile in Chapel Hill, NC there were four dudes working on what would become one of the most influential and definitive indie rock albums of the nineties. Meet Archers of Loaf and their raw catchy sound after the jump!


Donovan Blanc - Hungry A Long Time

The newest addition to the holy record label that is Captured Tracks comes in the form of two dudes who have mastered the art of pop. Hailing from New Jersey, Donovan Blanc is comprised of Joseph Black and Raymond Schwab. Black and Schwab were previously a part of the dreamy lo-fi band Honeydrum but have since left in pursuit of a fresh approach. The duo is releasing their self-titled debut album on June 24th and have so far teased us with two stellar singles. "Hungry A Long Time" is the most recent and hits like a stream of mysterious sunshine. Can't wait to hear the rest! 


Jamie xx - Girl

Jamie Smith is better known to the world as Jamie xx; a talented young producer and music artist with a knack for crafting soft sprawling electronic tracks. Towards the end of last week a new track was released from his upcoming single. "Girl" washes over the listener with thumping electronic coolness to create a fluid and charged listening experience. Can't wait to play this while driving around at night. The Girl/Sleep Sound 12" single is coming out May 5th on Young Turks. 


Lockah - Yahoo Or The Highway

UK beatmaker Tom Banks goes by Lockah and has been putting out quality tracks since 2011. Fast forward to now and we finally have a debut album. Yahoo Or The Highway was released April 14th on Donky Pitch and is chock full of radtastic grooving jams perfect for late night cruising or sleek partying. Get a taste of the album by playing "Cleft N Twain" below. Am I the only one that feels like I'm surrounded by artificial plants in the food court of a nineties mall when listening to the aforementioned track? I mean that in the best way possible. Promise. 


Throwback Thursdaze: Short Romans

Ta-da! Introducing a new special feature here on the blog called Throwback Thursdaze. These posts will showcase older artists, albums, and songs that are too good to neglect. Let's get things started with German new-wavers Short RomansThe group had their heyday in the mid to late 1980's and put out a total of three albums. They had the most success with their self-titled 1987 sophomore release and it's easy to hear why. The two singles from the album really nail their dark and moody sound. Listen and read more about the singles after the jump!


Beach Slang - Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?

James Synder has had his fair share of experience playing loud guitars and belting out angst-ridden vocals. Snyder's newest endeavor Beach Slang is a three-piece band whose bio simply reads "Guitar, bass and drums. Played loudly." The group's first release Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken? was released April 1st and doesn't stray far away from the band's blunt bio. The four tracks featured on the EP hit hard with a uniquely 90's sheen that feels oh so right. Think Lemonheads, Hüsker Dü, and Japandroids all blended into one irresistible milkshake of rocking-ness. Play it up. 


Chrome Sparks - Goddess

Jeremey Malvin's electronic project Chrome Sparks has been a favorite of mine ever since I first heard his Sparks EP from last year. A few days ago the title track was released from his forthcoming EP Goddess. The track is insanely good and aurally transforms itself to give the listener a versatile and soothing listening experience. Press play to begin your expedition. The EP is out April 28th on Future Classic. 


Jensen Sportag - One Lane Lovers

Jensen Sportag have just announced a new single that is pure, unadulterated funkiness. "One Lane Lovers" smoothly sails out of your speakers and begs for you to throw on a blazer and go make the city your dance floor. The Nashville based duo has done it yet again. The single will be released April 8th on Cascine.


Merchandise - Figured Out

Florida's post-punk group Merchandise have released a new track that will be featured on their split Record Store Day LP. The band sheds their fuzziness on "Figured Out" for a bigger and breezier sound and the results are a blissful slacker jam. So good. I dig that album art too. Be sure to get out on April 19th and support your local record store! 


Night Flowers - Embers

Last month London's Night Flowers announced that they're putting out their debut EP on April 7th. Why should you care? Well, the five-piece group knows their stuff when it comes to crafting songs that echo the shimmering jangle-pop era of the late 80's. "Embers" is the first cut off of the upcoming self-titled release and it's a swirling, uplifting gem with a grungy backbone. Play it up.


Trust - Capitol

Robert Alfons' dark and danceable work as Trust has remained a favorite of mine since I first heard his debut LP back in 2012. Next month he's releasing his second album Joyland and has teased us with some new material. "Capitol" is the most recent taste of the new album and it's a pulsing, anthemic track that oozes with glitz and gloom. On repeat foreverrrrrrrrrr. Look for the rest of the album on March 4th via Arts & Crafts. 


Flyying Colours - Wavygravy

Wow. I totally missed out on Aussie based shoegazers Flyying Colours and their stellar self-titled debut EP from last year. Fortunately they're now releasing the EP on limited run 180 gram vinyl this March. In the meantime, take a listen to the first single off the EP "Wavygravy" and prepare to fall in love. Swirling guitars blossom over a thick, drudging bassline and luscious vocals serve as the sweet icing on the reverb drenched cake. Perfect.


Cloud Nothings - I'm Not Part Of Me

2014 is shaping up to be a killer year for new releases. Cloud Nothings have announced that their fourth album Here and Nowhere Else will be released April 1st on Carpark Records. The band debuted the album's first single along with the exciting news. "I'm Not Part Of Me" has a more mature sound than what we've heard from the group before but they still manage to maintain the raw, angsty rock-out vibe that they're known and loved for. Check it out.


Mac DeMarco - Passing Out The Pieces

Earlier this week Mac DeMarco took the blogosphere by storm by dropping a new single and giving the deets on his newest album. Mac's upcoming sophomore full-length is entitled Salad Days (of course) and is coming out April 1st. "Passing Out The Pieces" is the single off the release and it showcases a fresher, more varied sound than what we've seen from DeMarco in the past. Think Beatles, Tame Impala, and The Beach Boys all packed into one slimy, jangly, and above all addictive musical treat. All praise Mac. All praise Captured Tracks.


Real Estate - Talking Backwards

Super stoked to find out that Real Estate has finally announced the release date and title for their forthcoming album. Atlas will be the third full length from the band and is coming out on March 4th via Domino Records. "Talking Backwards" is the first single from the album and you can watch the official video up above. Glistening guitars, driving drums, and soothing vocals wash over the whole track to create a catchy and sweet song that I'll no doubt have on repeat the rest of this year.


Songs Of The Year 2013

We already took a tour of what I thought were the best albums of last year, now it's time for the songs of 2013. Forty-five tracks that I listened to non-stop throughout the past year await you after the jump. Play it up.


Albums Of The Year 2013

New Year. New music. But not so fast! We have to take it back to 2013 to go over all the awesome music that it had to offer. I've compiled a list of twenty albums that stood out above the rest for me last year. Explore the list after the jump.