Alvvays - Adult Diversion

Catchy power pop from Toronto's Alvvays. The group is currently in the process of putting out a debut full-length album that's set to drop next year. In the meantime, they've kept themselves busy touring and putting out singles. "Adult Diversion" is one of said singles and was just released last month. A driving, bouncy beat backs lead singer Molly Rankin's upbeat vocals to give the track a sweet, yet hard-hitting rocking vibe. Throw in a few harmonies and pair it with a fun 8mm video and I'm hooked.


Monster Rally - Return To Paradise

I'll never get sick of Ted Feighan's consistently amazing work as Monster Rally. Retro-tinged soundscapes that are equally groovy as they are ambient is the norm here. At the end of last month he put out a fresh new album Return To Paradise. Every track on the release is bursting with mid-century vibes and is best suited to be played in a cozy wood-paneled basement with shag carpet. Don't forget the velvet painting.