Honeyblood - Kissing On You

Prepare to have your ears charmed off by Glasglow based duo Honeyblood. Shona McVicar and Stina Marie Tweeddale have been in the game since 2012 and have just put out a solid single. The b-side "Kissing On You" is a lovesick haze of driving guitars, thrashing drums, and belting vocals that all intertwine to make an energetic and irresistibly sweet track. Perfect for Fall. The single is out now on FatCat Records. 


Tycho - Awake

Finally! I've been waiting on new stuff from Scott Hansen's dreamy ambient project Tycho for awhile now and yesterday my dreams came true. "Awake" is the first single off of the upcoming LP which is slated to be released next year. Like Tycho's other work, the new track has a fluid and atmospheric beat that lends itself perfectly for doing just about anything. Sooo good. 


No Joy - Last Boss

Treat your ears to a fresh track from Canadian shoegazers No Joy. The band recently announced that they're putting out a new 3 track EP entitled Pastel and Pass Out. Our first taste of the EP is a three minute track that's all over the place in the best way possible. "Last Boss" opens with a steady pace that sets the stage for the rest of the track to explode into swaying shoegaze awesomeness. Catch the rest of the EP when it's released on November 5th via Mexican Summer.