Ether Teeth - Autumn Sky

Perfect track to close out the Fall season from genre blending Ether Teeth. The band recently released "Autumn Sky" and within the first thirty seconds I was a fan. The song washes over like a cool breeze under a crisp sun-drenched sky at dusk. Good vibes galore. To hear more from the superb dream-poppers head over to their bandcamp or soundcloud accounts. Enjoy.


Alvvays - Adult Diversion

Catchy power pop from Toronto's Alvvays. The group is currently in the process of putting out a debut full-length album that's set to drop next year. In the meantime, they've kept themselves busy touring and putting out singles. "Adult Diversion" is one of said singles and was just released last month. A driving, bouncy beat backs lead singer Molly Rankin's upbeat vocals to give the track a sweet, yet hard-hitting rocking vibe. Throw in a few harmonies and pair it with a fun 8mm video and I'm hooked.


Monster Rally - Return To Paradise

I'll never get sick of Ted Feighan's consistently amazing work as Monster Rally. Retro-tinged soundscapes that are equally groovy as they are ambient is the norm here. At the end of last month he put out a fresh new album Return To Paradise. Every track on the release is bursting with mid-century vibes and is best suited to be played in a cozy wood-paneled basement with shag carpet. Don't forget the velvet painting. 


Honeyblood - Kissing On You

Prepare to have your ears charmed off by Glasglow based duo Honeyblood. Shona McVicar and Stina Marie Tweeddale have been in the game since 2012 and have just put out a solid single. The b-side "Kissing On You" is a lovesick haze of driving guitars, thrashing drums, and belting vocals that all intertwine to make an energetic and irresistibly sweet track. Perfect for Fall. The single is out now on FatCat Records. 


Tycho - Awake

Finally! I've been waiting on new stuff from Scott Hansen's dreamy ambient project Tycho for awhile now and yesterday my dreams came true. "Awake" is the first single off of the upcoming LP which is slated to be released next year. Like Tycho's other work, the new track has a fluid and atmospheric beat that lends itself perfectly for doing just about anything. Sooo good. 


No Joy - Last Boss

Treat your ears to a fresh track from Canadian shoegazers No Joy. The band recently announced that they're putting out a new 3 track EP entitled Pastel and Pass Out. Our first taste of the EP is a three minute track that's all over the place in the best way possible. "Last Boss" opens with a steady pace that sets the stage for the rest of the track to explode into swaying shoegaze awesomeness. Catch the rest of the EP when it's released on November 5th via Mexican Summer. 


Fort Romeau - Stay/True EP

When it comes to stellar modern-day house music look no further than Fort Romeau. Mike Norris is the man behind the project and his ability to make sharp stylish dance floor jams is uncanny. His newest Stay/True EP dropped yesterday and it's got four tracks of lush electronic perfection. Take a listen to the thumping "Trust Me" below which is taken from the release. Bam. 


Toro Y Moi - Campo

I'm never disappointed with Chaz Bundick's ever changing and always awesome work as Toro Y Moi. Whether it's synth-heavy chillwave or funky soft rock it never fails to get my head/feet grooving to the beat. "Campo" is the latest work from Chaz and the gang and it's a smooth track with silky vocals and a solid jazzy minimalist beat. The single will be available exclusively on the band's North American tour this Fall. Play it up.


Oneohtrix Point Never - Zebra

Daniel Lopatin is best known for his experimental ambient electronic project Oneohtrix Point Never and now he's back to bend your mind with a new track off of his upcoming album R Plus Seven. The new track "Zebra" is almost 7 minutes of other-worldly glitchy awesomeness. This album is gonna be killer. Look for it when it's released September 30th on Warp.


King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - 30 Past 7

Get lost to a brand spankin' new single from Australia's impressive King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. The single is titled "30 Past 7" and it starts with a transportive sitar tinged intro that explodes into a kaleidoscopic psychedelic jam perfect for daydreaming your life away. Fantastic. The track is taken off of their forthcoming third album Float Along Fill Your Lungs which is out September 27th. 


Vaadat Charigim - The World Is Well Lost

I haven't fallen head over heels like this for a band in a long time. Introducing Vaadat Charigim, a three piece Israeli shoegaze band that knows what's up. Big time. Not only are all of their songs sung in Hebrew, but they're all chock full of jangling dreamy goodness that pulls the listener into a hazy romantic wonderland. Take a listen to "Ze Beseder Lefahed" below off of their debut album The World Is Well Lost. If any of you guys need me I'll just be busy jamming to this record for the rest of the year. Peace.


Summer Mix 2013

Better late than never, right? This mix is here to send off your summer with a bunch of tunes that I have had on repeat throughout these long, hot days. Jump in the pool of good vibes after the jump!


Keep Shelly in Athens - Recollection

Chillwave duo Keep Shelly in Athens have been in the game since 2010 and now they're back with a fresh new single off of their debut album. "Recollection" has a driving celestial beat layered with flowing vocals that come together to create a danceable and ethereal soundscape. Look for the rest of the album At Home when it's released September 17th via Cascine. 


Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht - Hang On To Life

Art-pop pros Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht have joined forces to give you one of the most solid tracks of 2013 so far. "Hang On to Life" is a soft-rock masterpiece that melodically wafts through the air inciting cheesy and groovy emotions within its soothing fog. Definitely a contender for song of the year. The single is out now on Mexican Summer!


King Krule - Easy Easy

Archy Marshall is better known by his stage name King Krule, and for good reason too: the almost 19 year old kid knows how to make music. Formerly known as Zoo Kid; Marshall has been putting out tunes since 2010. Yesterday I was happy to hear the announcement that his first full length album Six Feet Beneath The Moon is coming out on August 24th. "Easy Easy" is the first cut from said album and it's an aggressive track with Marshall's compelling murky style of songwriting all over it. Great stuff.


Washed Out - It All Feels Right

In case you missed it, Ernest Greene's Washed Out is back in the game and prepping to release his second full-length album Paracosm on August 13th. The super exciting news also came packaged with a stellar new single. "It All Feels Right" is the first single from the album and it's an inviting and warm track that has a more multi-instrumental sound than that of his earlier work. Not complaining at all as I've listened to it more times than I'd like to admit. Enjoy.


A Grave With No Name - Dig Me Out

Brand new track from London's A Grave With No Name off of the project's soon to be released third album Whirlpool. "Dig Me Out" is a laid back and cloudy slacker tune that progresses perfectly. Take a listen to the song below and keep your eyes peeled for the rest of the promising album when it's released on July 15th. 



Looking for a way to kickstart your summer vibes? Look no further than SAINT PEPSI. Ryan DeRobertis is the man behind the chill beats and for sometime now he's been putting out solid vaporwave/glo-fi tracks via Soundcloud. He just released a new album Hit Vibes towards the end of last week and it's a killer release that highlights everything he's got to offer. Click play and let the grooviness cruise out of your speakers. 


Boards Of Canada - Reach For The Dead

The time has finally come. Boards Of Canada have given us the first taste of their soon to be released album Tomorrow's Harvest. The new song's name is "Reach For The Dead" and it's a soothing and deep track that expands into a spacious soundscape. Perfection. Look for the rest of the album when it's released June 10th on WARP Records. 


SURFING - Hollow Sparrow

Straight up, no frills rockin shoegaze from Virginia's SURFING. The group put out a new single from their upcoming release back in April and I only just caught wind of it now. "Hollow Sparrow" is a 90's-riffic jam that's loaded with driving guitars, pounding drums, and alluring vocals that create a hazy and melodic space for the listener to get lost in. Great stuff.


Wild Nothing - A Dancing Shell

YES. Wild Nothing announced that they will be putting out a new EP on May 14th entitled Empty Estate. As if that wasn't great enough news already, they also put out a track from the forthcoming release. "A Dancing Shell" is four minutes of pure dreamy bliss. Dense bass/guitar strums and solid drums are glazed over by frontman Jack Tatum's cool, airy vocals to give the song a breezy nostalgic vibe. Can't wait!


Best Friend - Sure

Perfect little tune from Tennessee's up and coming dream pop group Best Friend. The band put out "Sure" the other day and right off the bat the song jumps into action with some of the most captivating guitars I've heard in awhile. Distant vocals and drums add to the song's charm while the bassline gives the song an addictive backbone. Peep the track below and look for a new record from these guys later this year. 


Spring Mix 2013

Flowers blooming. Trees getting green. Weather warming up. It's gotta be Spring! This mix has been compiled to best complement the transition from cold to warm. Whether you're having a picnic in the grass or just sticking your head in some fresh flowers, these 12 songs hope to be right by your side making life that much better. DL the mix after the jump.


Mirror Kisses - Runaways

Damnnnn. Hot new track from Virginia's Mirror Kisses that's dripping with 80's nostalgia. The track is called "Runaways" and it's just as groovy as it is moody. Intoxicating synths and keyboards are layered with frontman George Clanton's sharp and booming vocals to form an incredibly catchy and cool sound. Been on repeat non-stop these past two days. If your ears crave more (I know mine do) then you'll be happy to hear that the group's new album Heartbeats will be released sometime this Spring. Woo!


Larkin Dodgen - Leap Day

This post is a little different than some of the other stuff that's posted here on the blog, but this is too good to not share! A friend of mine just put out her first EP entitled Romantic Ramblings of a Wannabe French Girl with six tracks of laid back ukelele goodness. Melancholically witty vocals are paired with lulling ukelele strums to create a refined and stripped-down sound that draws you in. Check out the last song featured on the EP "Leap Day" below and if you're a fan then be sure to head on over to bandcamp to hear the rest! Super sweet stuff.


Hotel Mexico - A.I. in Dreams

Dreamy new tune from Japan's Hotel Mexico off of their new release Her Decorated Post Love. The song "A.I. in Dreams" explodes right off the bat and then echoes into multiple shards of new wave, post punk, and dream pop. Super cool vibes. The record is out now on Second Royal Records.

MP3: Hotel Mexico – A.I. in Dreams /via/


Pure X - Things in My Head

Holy bejeebers Batman. I'm a little late posting this but still. So excited. Last week Austin, Texas' Pure X announced a new album entitled Crawling Up The Stairs and put out a fresh new track off of said album. The new song is entitled "Things in My Head" and has a more refined sound than their past music ventures. This isn't bad though! They've just toned down the haze of their music from middle of the desert acid trip to middle of the desert weed high. Love it so much. The album is set for release on May 14th via Acephale.


Wavering Hands - No Constant

Switzerland newcomers Wavering Hands are here to give you dream pop at its finest. The swiss group are about to put out their debut EP I Remember Nothing on the first of next month. Fortunately for us they've given us an early taste of the EP in the form of a song entitled "No Constant". The three and a half minute track has a driving background that is sprinkled with jangling guitars and airy vocals that mix together to create an addictive and atmospheric sound that will make you sway and swoon. Check out said song below and be sure keep your eyes on these guys.


Tamaryn - Heavenly Bodies

First post of the new year! Strangely enough this post is all about a band/album/song from last year, but I had to share it because I can't believe I missed out on it! Tamaryn are a shoegaze duo from New Zealand that may very well be perfect. Every single one of the tracks they've put out washes over like a cool shower until the point where you're completely submerged in reverb bliss. "Heavenly Bodies" is taken from their second album Tender New Signs that was put out towards the end of last year. Dive in.

MP3: Tamaryn - Heavenly Bodies /via/