Still Corners - Fireflies

London's Still Corners have a knack for releasing sprawling dream-pop songs that are just as catchy as they are pretty. Their new track "Fireflies" doesn't disappoint and is one of their most solid releases to date. The pounding synths found in the song are drenched in wistful vocals and surging keyboards/cymbals to create a sound that you'll want to live in forever. The song is taken from the group's upcoming single which will be out this Fall on Sub Pop. Play it up.


play/talk - Me and You

Damn yo. Los Angeles based electronic artist play/talk has just put out a stunning EP that's loaded with 7 tracks of funkalicious sample based jams. Lines and Rhymes is short but sweet, like really sweetevery track on here flows perfectly and goes on for just the right amount of time to maximize the good vibes. "Me and You" is one of the longer tracks that can be found on the release and it's a straight up retro coated groove fest. So good. The whole EP is out now on Bandcamp or Soundcloud!


The Soft Moon - Insides

This Fall San Francisco's experimental post-punk perfectionists The Soft Moon will release their second LP Zeros. The other day they released a single from said album that's just as atmospheric and dark as you could ask for. The track's name is "Insides" and it's a 4 minute masterpiece chock full of ringing synths and bass plucks that would make any Factory Records fan squeal with delight. Look for the rest of the album on October 30th when it's released via Captured Tracks. 


Fear Of Men - Mosaic

Pleasantly surprised this morning to awake to a new track from London/Brighton's dream-pop pros Fear Of Men. The new song is titled "Mosaic" and comes off of the group's upcoming single of the same name. The serene guitars and vocals are a perfect match with the changing seasons. It's absolutely lovely. The single is due out October 15th on Too Pure. 

Mosaic by FEAR OF MEN