Mac DeMarco - My Kind Of Woman

Slimy, lazy, and weird are all words that can describe Montreal's avant-garde garage popper Mac DeMarco and his engrossing approach towards music. This Fall he will release his first album, which is interestingly named 2. Our first preview of the album comes in the form of a laidback and lustful rock tune entitled "My Kind Of Woman". The LP is set to hit shelves October 16th on Captured Tracks. 

MP3: Mac DeMarco - My Kind Of Woman /via/


Future Unlimited - Lightweight Eyes

New electronic amazingness from Nashville's Future Unlimited. The duo released their new track "Lightweight Eyes" nine days ago and since then it's gotten some well deserved love from the blogosphere. Pulsating synths and luminous vocals help to create an energetic and refreshing atmosphere that is best paired with a late night drive down the freeway. Perfection.

Future Unlimited - Lightweight Eyes by Future Unlimited


The Raveonettes - She Owns The Streets

Good news: The Raveonettes were kind enough to give us yet another taste of their upcoming album Observator! The Danish duo released the track "She Owns The Streets" early last week and I'm happy to say that it doesn't disappoint. Glistening guitars encompass melancholic vocals to create a captivating and catchy tune. Look for the rest of the album when it's released on September 11th via VICE Records. 

MP3: The Raveonettes – She Owns the Streets /via/


Puro Instinct - Dream Lover

Finally! Take a listen to a new jam from Los Angeles' most rockin' dream-pop duo Puro Instinct. I've been itching to hear more from the Kaplan sister's woozy pop project for a good deal of time now and the wait is over. The new track "Dream Lover" is taken from the group's upcoming EP which is set to be released later this year. Hellz yeah.


Bee Eyes - Double Sunrise

Here's some jangle-riffic shoegaze from Philippines based band Bee Eyes. The group released a new track about a week ago entitled "Double Sunrise" and it's a hypnotically catchy tune that's drenched in sunshine and schmaltzperfect for lazy afternoons. Cheggit' out below. 

Bee Eyes - Double Sunrise by Bee Eyes


Seapony - What You Wanted

Totally missed this one! At the beginning of last month Seapony dropped a new song from their forthcoming sophomore album Falling. The new song is called "What You Wanted" and it's a breezy pop gem that will charm your ears off. If you're looking for more than you'll be happy to know that the album is set for release on September 11th. Woo!

MP3: Seapony - What You Wanted /via/


Kasket Club - Moody Melody

It's July 1st. The dog days of Summer are officially upon us. But have no fear, Norway's Kasket Club are here to alleviate any summer monotony with some truly fantastic chillwave. The group is the product of two friends and according to the submission email they sent me they've just started up. I just want to say that for a group that has just started up these guys sound pretty amazing and definitely know what they're doing. Their newest track "Moody Melody" was just released today and is a pulsating blast of good vibes. Play it up. 

Kasket Club - Moody Melody by KasketClub