Fear Of Men - Born

London/Brighton's four piece pop group Fear Of Men released the B-Side to their upcoming single yesterday and it's just as lovely as their past tracks. "Born" is a song that manages to satisfyingly build itself up amply in a short amount of time; a feat that is best listened to more than once. The single comes out June 18th on Sexbeat.



Yung Life - Isn't This

The last time Knoxville's primary 80's synthpop revivalists Yung Life were featured here on NF it was to talk about their newest single. Now they're here again because they just released a killer track from their self-titled follow up LP to last year's Youth's Hours. The track "Isn't This" is energetic and sentimental and loaded with a solid bassline, gleaming keyboards, and rich vocals. The band's shift from a grittier sound is prevalent once again and it sounds like it's really working out for them. Look for the rest of the album when it's released on June 21st!

MP3: Yung Life – Isn’t This /via/


Grand Resort - Night Is Dark

Prepare yourself for some dream pop perfection from Brooklyn's Grand Resort. Andres Pichardo is the mastermind behind the project and he's got a new album coming out this summer called Vanguard Dreams. Get a taste of the album by listening to the upbeat and jangle-riffic single "Night Is Dark". The song has all the charm of a Sarah Records release and never ceases to lose its radiant and effortless force. Overall a perfect summer track that is best paired with sprawling fields of flowers and drives through the country with the windows down. Enjoy.

MP3: Grand Resort - Night Is Dark /via/


Music Video Madness

The other day I realized that it's been awhile since I posted a music video here on NF. Why you may ask? Well I really don't know the answer, but I do know that there have been a whole lot of fantastic visual interpretations of great songs that I've neglected to post. This post is the result of the aforementioned lack of music videos. Take a look after the jump!


Monster Rally - Honey

Ohio's Monster Rally is a pro at making simple and dreamy soundscapes that immerse the listener in ethereal vibes. Ted Feighan is the man behind the magic and he's gearing up to release a new album in June entitled Beyond The Sea. He put up some tracks from the album on Bandcamp not too long ago that can be downloaded on a name your price basis. "Honey" is the first track of the preview songs and it's a wonderfully light jingly track that's rooted by breezy drums. Press play and zone out. 


Light Asylum - Hour Fortress

Here's a new Light Asylum track taken from the duo's self-titled debut album. The album came out on the first of this month and it's still got all the electronic darkness that they're known for. "Hour Fortress" is the first track on the 10 track album and it's quite the intro. The song starts off with some hard-hitting drum machine hits that instantly energize the track; but the real treat is Shannon Funchess' powerfully gloomy vocals. Play it up. 

Light Asylum - Hour Fortress by Mexican Summer


Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

I was happily surprised this morning to awake to a new Twin Shadow song. I was even happier to find out that the track is taken from the band's forthcoming sophomore album Confess. Boo-ya! The track that was released today is entitled "Five Seconds" and is a perfectly paced song that would be a great backing track to an 80's movie montage. I mean that in the best way possible! The album is set to release July 10th on 4AD. 

MP3: Twin Shadow - Five Seconds /via/