Summer Heart - I Wanna Go

With Summer 2012 right around the corner there's no better time for Sweden's Summer Heart to grace your ears with their recently released album About A Feeling. The 8 tracks found on the release are chocked full of airy electro goodness that's grounded by rhythmic guitars and drums. The whole package bleeds good vibes but the shining star on the album is the track "I Wanna Go". I'm not afraid to admit that I have probably played it over 30 times now in the past two days. Enjoy.


Beach House - Equal Mind

I can't help it. I have to. It's too good! Beach House released a single from their upcoming album in honor of Record Store Day and the B-side on said single is magic. "Equal Mind" is the name of the enchanting track and it consists of three minutes and forty seconds of pure Beach House goodness. Keep your eyes peeled for the duo's fourth studio album Bloom when it's released on May 15th.

MP3: Beach House - Equal Mind /via/


Only Real - Cadillac Girl

You know that feeling when you hear an artist for the first time and you instantly know you're going to love them? Yeah, that's the feeling I got when I first heard Niall Galvin's bedroom pop project Only Real. At the moment there's only two tracks up for play on his SoundCloud, but that was more than enough to convince me that this guy knows how to make great tunes. "Cadillac Girl" was the track that introduced me to it all, and right from the opening guitar riffs I was sold. 

MP3: Only Real - Cadillac Girl /via/


Sand Circles - White Sand

Sand Circles is a Sweden based ambient electronic artist who specializes in making atmospheric lo-fi tracks. His latest release is entitled Motor City and all 11 songs on the album would be a perfect fit on the soundtrack of an obscure 1980's film. "White Sand" is the pulsating and epic track that follows the intro and is a perfect showcase of the energy and nostalgia that can be found on the rest of the album. I highly recommend it to you if you plan on going out on a late night drive through a post-apocalyptic city anytime soon.

Sand Circles - White Sand by DemianRe


Young Prisms - Floating In Blue

On March 27th San Francisco's prominent shoegazers Young Prisms released their sophomore album In Between. I've been looking forward to getting my hands on new stuff from these guys and I'm happy to say that this album doesn't disappoint. Their songs are still just as sweet and mesmerizing as when we last heard them on their debut album. Get a taste of the laid-back dreaminess that this stellar group has to offer by playing "Floating In Blue" off of the recent release. So good. 

MP3: Young Prisms - Floating In Blue /via/