SUNDAY MORNING - Summer Please Come Soon

Here's a super chill glo-fi track from Russia's SUNDAY MORNING. The title of the track is "Summer Please Come Soon" and that's definitely a statement I can relate to at the moment. From the submersion into a pool of irresistibly groovy disco vibes at the start to the vocal sample that swells throughout; this song is a perfect summer jam. Grab the track for free over on Bandcamp and be sure to take a peek at the other equally great releases that this glo-fi pro has to offer. 


Dunes - Vertical Walk

At the beginning of the month Los Angeles based dream-poppers Dunes released their debut album Noctiluca. The 11 track album is filled with hazy pop songs that contain some really fantastic guitar riffs. "Vertical Walk" is the single from said album and it's a great example of the aforementioned. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear the rest of the album is out now via Post Present Medium. Play it up son.  

MP3: Dunes - Vertical Walk /via/


Real Estate - Exactly Nothing

What better way to start Spring than with a new Real Estate song off of their upcoming Easy single! The new song's name is "Exactly Nothing" and it's the b-side to the well known title track. There are no surprises when it comes to the sound of this newly released track. Airy vocals paired with soothing guitars and drums are the norm here, and that's just the way I like it. The single is set to drop on April 10th via Domino Records. 


Tan Dollar - Jon's Song

New shoegaze goodness from Tan Dollar off of their latest 3 track EP, Diary of Our Journey to the Netherlands. All three of the songs found on this release contain more of the same whiny vocals, addictive guitar riffs, and hard-hitting drums that these guys are known for, but with a slightly more mature sound. "Jon's Song" is the track that grabs me the most from the release but the other two songs are definitely just as pretty. I can't get enough.

MP3: Tan Dollar – Jon’s Song /via/


Tezeo - Friends

I'll never ever get enough of synths, especially when they're lovingly utilized to make amazing music. Brooklyn's Tezeo does just that on the title track from their recently released single. "Friends" is a massive synthpop jam that flows beautifully and is infused with incredibly catchy energy. The video that accompanies the song is a well done nod to cheesy videos from MTV's glory days. Pair everything together and you have a solid package of synthy righteousness. The single is out now via Dummy Records.

Tezeo 'Friends' by Dummy Records


Die Jungen - I've Been Glad

At the beginning of the week Die Jungen (aka Klaus Von Barrel) released his first full length album on Bandcamp. The album's name is At Breath's End and it contains 12 wonderful tracks filled with emotion and magic. Barrel's sound is best described as spellbinding and spectacular with every song utilizing elements of 1950's charm paired with his low crooning voice. The result is a hypnotizing treat that echoes with memories of the past and fully immerses the listener. Take a listen to "I've Been Glad" off of said release below and go to bandcamp to pick up the rest of this truly lovely album. 


Sloslylove - Secret Dreams

Sloslylove is the Eau Claire, WI based electro artist who produces some seriously stellar tracks. Last month the 8 track album Secret Dreams was released and is chock full of what this artist does best: funky chilled out beats that ring with nostalgia. The whole thing really is perfect with every track flowing beautifully into the next and keeping the dreamy energy alive. Play it up for yourself below and grab the whole thing for a name your price basis on Bandcamp. Stay groovy.