Balue - Worry Toobs

Balue is the name of Eli Thomas's Denver based lo-fi project. The best way to describe his music is laid back, dreamy pop songs that evoke images of summer. Let's stop right there: if you're not already stoked to hear this artist after the words lo-fi, dreamy, and summer have been utilized to describe the music on this EP then there's a problem. Worry Toobs is the name of the aforementioned EP and it contains 5 tracks with in your face good vibes. Grab the wonderfully melodic title track below and be sure to check out the other shimmering tracks over on Bandcamp.

Worry Toobs by Balue

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  1. kevin bahbahbaconMarch 8, 2012 at 9:16 AM

    ugh i want summer. great tunes.