Craft Spells - Still Left With Me

I have been eagerly awaiting new material from Oxnard, California's Craft Spells. With the recent announcement of their new EP Gallery my wish was granted, the exciting news brought a single from the upcoming release entitled "Still Left With Me". Upon my first listen of the track I heard the same elements that made me love their debut album Idle Labor so much. The 6 track EP is going to be released on May 15th via Captured Tracks. Can't wait! 

Still Left With Me by CTRACKSBK


Balue - Worry Toobs

Balue is the name of Eli Thomas's Denver based lo-fi project. The best way to describe his music is laid back, dreamy pop songs that evoke images of summer. Let's stop right there: if you're not already stoked to hear this artist after the words lo-fi, dreamy, and summer have been utilized to describe the music on this EP then there's a problem. Worry Toobs is the name of the aforementioned EP and it contains 5 tracks with in your face good vibes. Grab the wonderfully melodic title track below and be sure to check out the other shimmering tracks over on Bandcamp.

Worry Toobs by Balue


King Tuff - Wild Desire

When it comes to consistently releasing perfect lo-fi rock songs look no further than Kyle Thomas of King Tuff. His newest single isn't set to drop until April via Suicide Squeeze Records, but in the meantime you can indulge in the lo-fi goodness via MP3 below. The single's name is "Wild Desire" and it's a 3 minute rock romp. Energetic. Catchy. Fun. Everything a song should be. Cheggit' out.

MP3: King Tuff - Wild Desire /via/


Black Marble - Pretender

What's the weather like outside for you at the moment? If you answered dark and gloomy then boy do I have the perfect soundtrack for you. Brooklyn's post-punk synthpoppers, Black Marble, released a 5 track EP at the end of last month that contains all the dreary coolness any Joy Division fan could ask for. The single from the EP is entitled "Pretender" and highlights all of the elements that make Black Marble so enjoyable. Atmospheric synths, infectious drum machine hits, drab vocals, and repetitive bass plucks all come together to produce an emotionally driven and solid track; regardless of the weather. Their EP Weight Against The Door is available now via Hardly Art.

MP3: Black Marble - Pretender /via/


Barclay Heights - Walk Among The Skylights

Groovalicious chillwave from new and emerging artist Barclay Heights. The man behind the music is New York based Zack Kollar, and according to him this is his first ever release. What a way to start! The "first ever release" comes in the form of a six track EP entitled Saphead. The whole thing is loaded with super chill beats that gracefully emerge out of your speakers. A personal favorite from the release is the hella funky track "Walk Among The Skylights". Check it out below and then head over to Bandcamp to grab the rest of the stellar EP.


Women - Eyesore

The Calgary Herald has reported that Christopher Reimer of the Calgary based rock band Women has passed away. He was 26. The cause of death is still unknown. I read the sad news last night and was taken aback at the outpouring of support that was generated. In honor of this loss to the music community I have decided to post the fantastic single ("Eyesore") from the band's 2010 sophomore album Public Strain. RIP Mr. Reimer.


Kool Music - Running Back To Everyone

Canada based Jasper Baydala is the man behind the ethereal and airy musical landscapes of Kool Music. Today the official video for his song "Running Back To Everyone" premiered on Vimeo. The video is chock full of amazing shots and really complements the song perfectly. It's magic. 

MP3: Kool Music - Running Back To Everyone /via/


Future Unlimited - When It Calls

Atmospheric synthpop from Nashville, TN based electronic duo, Future Unlimited. The whole vibe of the two tracks they've released so far are a good indication that these guys know what they're doing. The most recently released track from the forthcoming Cloak & Dagger EP is titled "When It Calls" and is a 5 minute long synthpop epic. The track evokes images of standing atop a cliffside whilst gazing into the lights of a futuristic city right at sunset. But hey, that's just me! Interpret the electronic goodness for yourself below. 

MP3: Future Unlimited – When It Calls /via/


Terry Malts - Tumble Down

Slumberland Records have signed a lot of fantastic artists to their label, one of which being San Francisco's post-punk garage rockers Terry Malts. The band's sound has been described as a mix of crunch and catchiness, and what a perfect description that is. "Tumble Down" is one of the many energetic and ridiculously addictive tracks that is going to be featured on the band's upcoming debut album Killing Time. The bah-bah-bah-bah's in the chorus of the song are going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the yearand I'm totally fine with that. 


Wild Nothing - Nowhere

Finally! Virginia based Wild Nothing is gearing up to release their new single on February 21st. Fortunately we don't have to wait until the 21st to hear the single's lovely title track "Nowhere". Right from the start of the song it's apparent that they've polished up their sound since their 2010 debut album Gemini. Oh yeah, the song also features vocals from Twin Sister's Andrea Estella. Can't go wrong there.

MP3: Wild Nothing - Nowhere /via/