Honeydrum - Traci's On The Phone

Super fly video for Honeydrum's song "Traci's On The Phone" off of their Pleasures Of The Sun release from last year. Video credits go to the master of all things VHS, Behind The Walk In. Get ready for some neon. 


Swiss Alps - Riptide Lore

Swiss Alps are from Pennsylvania and they make lo-fi dream pop. As dull as the previous sentence is, it's all that is known at the moment about the mystery laden group. I can assure you though that the music they've released so far is the opposite of dull. "Riptide Lore" is the drum machine filled, reverb heavy, tape warble fraught track that was released towards the end of last year. It's just the kind of stuff that my dreams are made out of.


Yung Life - Breaker

80's sounding synth pop isn't the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Knoxville, Tennessee. But let me assure you, if the 5 members of Yung Life continue releasing songs as good as the one below then that might change. "Breaker" is a well crafted and energetic song that grabs you from the start and continues to hold you throughout. To sum it all up: it would fit perfectly in a John Hughes movie. Enjoy. 

MP3: Yung Life – Breaker /via/


Cheerleader - Do What You Want

Back in July of 2011 I was introduced to a simple, yet charming pop duo by the name of Cheerleader. Now it's January 2011 and I'm talking about their newest song "Do What You Want". When compared to the two songs off of their previous release, this song sounds stronger and more solid. Oh yeah, there's also whistling. Instant amazingness. Check out said song below and if you haven't heard their previous tracks be sure to head over to their Bandcamp.

MP3: Cheerleader – Do What You Want /via/