Songs Of The Year 2012

Ta-da! This final 2012 year end list features thirty songs that NF believes to be the stand-out tunes of the past year. Hopefully you have as much fun listening and reading this list as I did making it. For whatever reason individual songs tend to have more of an impact on me than albums so this list is as real as it gets. Kick back and check it out after the jump!


Albums Of The Year 2012

Oh boy, it's that time of the year again. 2012 proved to be yet another awesome year for music and this AOTY list is a meticulously put together account of what NF believes to be the best albums that these past 12 months had to offer. Checkity check check it out after the jump.


Ducktails - Letter Of Intent

Matt Mondanile (of Real Estate fame) is gearing up to release a new album under his solo project Ducktails. The lo-fi aesthetic has played a heavy role on the past two albums, but with the new single released from the upcoming album The Flower Lane it sounds like the band is going in a totally different direction. "Letter of Intent" is the second taste of the album so far and it's a mellow tune that chugs along at a perfectly groovy pace. Perfection. Look for the rest of the album when it's released on January 19th via Domino Records.


Beach Fossils - Careless

Finally! Brooklyn's jangly dream-poppers Beach Fossils have officially announced their second album and have released a single to get you pumped up. The single's name is "Careless" and it's a glistening pop tune that makes you want to twirl around and be all moody. Look for the album Clash The Truth when it's released February 19th on Captured Tracks. Boo-ya.


Widowspeak - Ballad of the Golden Hour

Last week Brooklyn's Widowspeak put out a new single that marks the first time we've heard from them since their self-titled debut album last year. "Ballad of the Golden Hour" maintains the woozy sound that the group is known for with drawn out guitar riffs and soft and airy vocals that make you feel all warm and fuzzy. All in all, this new release is a charming one and should get you excited for their upcoming sophomore album Almanac which is due out in January. Play it up.


Tame Impala - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

Australia's psychedelic rock outfit Tame Impala have just put out a trippy video for the second single from their recently released album Lonerism. With visuals that feel like a 1970's Sesame Street segment on acid, the video for "Feels Like We Only Go Backwards" does a successful job in giving the track's aesthetic an optical counterpart that's as equally fantastic to the song itself. Peep that video!


Halloween Mix 2012

The leaves are falling from the trees. The temperature is cool. The sun streams through the empty branches. Night time has a whole new mystique to it. There's a certain stillness in the air. All of this can only mean one thing: it's time for a new mix! This Halloween mix has a whole bunch of rad tunes that are sure to give your autumn experience that extra bit of awesome. DL the mix after the jump!


Toro y Moi - So Many Details

Toro Y Moi has announced a new album Anything In Return that has a January 22nd release date. Excitement. But things got even more exciting the other day when a new track from said album was put online for our streaming pleasure. "So Many Details" is what I would consider a return to Chaz's roots, a funked out 5 minute track that has a lot of the elements found on his debut album back in 2010. This is a good thing. I'm psyched! The single is set to drop before the album on November 23rd via Carpark Records. 


Gospel Gossip - Atlantic Blue

Minnesota natives Gospel Gossip know their stuff when it comes to releasing sublime pop songs. Early next month the 3 piece group will release Atlantic Blue, a three track album full of jangling pop tunes that are nearly impossible to not sway your head back and forth to. Fortunately for us we don't have to wait until November to hear the excellent title track which is streaming below! If you like what you hear be sure to travel on over to Bandcamp to hear the other two songs. Sooo good.


Still Corners - Fireflies

London's Still Corners have a knack for releasing sprawling dream-pop songs that are just as catchy as they are pretty. Their new track "Fireflies" doesn't disappoint and is one of their most solid releases to date. The pounding synths found in the song are drenched in wistful vocals and surging keyboards/cymbals to create a sound that you'll want to live in forever. The song is taken from the group's upcoming single which will be out this Fall on Sub Pop. Play it up.


play/talk - Me and You

Damn yo. Los Angeles based electronic artist play/talk has just put out a stunning EP that's loaded with 7 tracks of funkalicious sample based jams. Lines and Rhymes is short but sweet, like really sweetevery track on here flows perfectly and goes on for just the right amount of time to maximize the good vibes. "Me and You" is one of the longer tracks that can be found on the release and it's a straight up retro coated groove fest. So good. The whole EP is out now on Bandcamp or Soundcloud!


The Soft Moon - Insides

This Fall San Francisco's experimental post-punk perfectionists The Soft Moon will release their second LP Zeros. The other day they released a single from said album that's just as atmospheric and dark as you could ask for. The track's name is "Insides" and it's a 4 minute masterpiece chock full of ringing synths and bass plucks that would make any Factory Records fan squeal with delight. Look for the rest of the album on October 30th when it's released via Captured Tracks. 


Fear Of Men - Mosaic

Pleasantly surprised this morning to awake to a new track from London/Brighton's dream-pop pros Fear Of Men. The new song is titled "Mosaic" and comes off of the group's upcoming single of the same name. The serene guitars and vocals are a perfect match with the changing seasons. It's absolutely lovely. The single is due out October 15th on Too Pure. 

Mosaic by FEAR OF MEN


Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Only In My Dreams

Not only has it been like two weeks since I've posted something, but today's post is a video post! Craziness. But anyway, Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti came out with a video for the 1960s-esque track "Only In My Dreams" off of their recently released Mature Themes album. Check it out above. It's perfect.

MP3: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – Only in My Dreams /via/


Wild Nothing - Paradise

The time is almost here to when you and your ears will get to indulge in the second full length album by Virginia's Wild Nothing. The album's name is Nocturne and everything that I've heard off of it so far is sounding really really great. At the start of this week the track "Paradise" was released and it further reinstates that this album is definitely one that won't be forgotten anytime soon. The atmosphere this song creates is fantastic and the wistful lyrics are the icing on the cake. The LP is out August 28th via Captured Tracks. 

MP3: Wild Nothing - Paradise /via/


Honeydrum - Big Chris On The Couch

When it comes to releasing consistently amazing lo-fi jams that echo of the past look no further than New Jersey's Honeydrum. Just the other day they announced a new EP dubbed Brokenhearted With A Busy Schedule and premiered a new track that will be featured on said release. Take a listen to "Big Chris On The Couch" below and pick up the rest of the EP when it's released on August 21st via Gnar Tapes. 


Mac DeMarco - My Kind Of Woman

Slimy, lazy, and weird are all words that can describe Montreal's avant-garde garage popper Mac DeMarco and his engrossing approach towards music. This Fall he will release his first album, which is interestingly named 2. Our first preview of the album comes in the form of a laidback and lustful rock tune entitled "My Kind Of Woman". The LP is set to hit shelves October 16th on Captured Tracks. 

MP3: Mac DeMarco - My Kind Of Woman /via/


Future Unlimited - Lightweight Eyes

New electronic amazingness from Nashville's Future Unlimited. The duo released their new track "Lightweight Eyes" nine days ago and since then it's gotten some well deserved love from the blogosphere. Pulsating synths and luminous vocals help to create an energetic and refreshing atmosphere that is best paired with a late night drive down the freeway. Perfection.

Future Unlimited - Lightweight Eyes by Future Unlimited


The Raveonettes - She Owns The Streets

Good news: The Raveonettes were kind enough to give us yet another taste of their upcoming album Observator! The Danish duo released the track "She Owns The Streets" early last week and I'm happy to say that it doesn't disappoint. Glistening guitars encompass melancholic vocals to create a captivating and catchy tune. Look for the rest of the album when it's released on September 11th via VICE Records. 

MP3: The Raveonettes – She Owns the Streets /via/


Puro Instinct - Dream Lover

Finally! Take a listen to a new jam from Los Angeles' most rockin' dream-pop duo Puro Instinct. I've been itching to hear more from the Kaplan sister's woozy pop project for a good deal of time now and the wait is over. The new track "Dream Lover" is taken from the group's upcoming EP which is set to be released later this year. Hellz yeah.


Bee Eyes - Double Sunrise

Here's some jangle-riffic shoegaze from Philippines based band Bee Eyes. The group released a new track about a week ago entitled "Double Sunrise" and it's a hypnotically catchy tune that's drenched in sunshine and schmaltzperfect for lazy afternoons. Cheggit' out below. 

Bee Eyes - Double Sunrise by Bee Eyes


Seapony - What You Wanted

Totally missed this one! At the beginning of last month Seapony dropped a new song from their forthcoming sophomore album Falling. The new song is called "What You Wanted" and it's a breezy pop gem that will charm your ears off. If you're looking for more than you'll be happy to know that the album is set for release on September 11th. Woo!

MP3: Seapony - What You Wanted /via/


Kasket Club - Moody Melody

It's July 1st. The dog days of Summer are officially upon us. But have no fear, Norway's Kasket Club are here to alleviate any summer monotony with some truly fantastic chillwave. The group is the product of two friends and according to the submission email they sent me they've just started up. I just want to say that for a group that has just started up these guys sound pretty amazing and definitely know what they're doing. Their newest track "Moody Melody" was just released today and is a pulsating blast of good vibes. Play it up. 

Kasket Club - Moody Melody by KasketClub


Coastal - The 90s

Here's a cool surf pop submission from Belfast's Coastal! The righteousness comes in the form of a 5 track album entitled Crumble Blue. Every track on here has a laid-back and groovy sound that can be listened to again and again. The song that speaks to me the most though is the 3rd track on the album which is titled "The 90s". Check out said track below and if you're up for more then be sure to check out the other songs over on Bandcamp. 


DIIV - Follow

At the end of last year is when I first got a taste of Cole Smith's side project from Beach Fossils, DIVE. Man oh man, was I impressed. After a recent name change (now they're DIIV) they're sounding just as great as before and are gearing up to release their debut album Oshin. This album is jam-packed with jangling dream-pop goodness that's covered with a gauzy sheen of shoegaze. "Follow" is the newest cut from the album and it's a great example of why these guys are so awesome. Pick up the rest of the album on June 26th when it's released on Captured Tracks. 


Summer Mix 2012

I'm back from vacation! Sorry for the delay everyone. To make up for the lack of posts I've decided to post a summer mix. This mix is loaded with new and old jams that are arranged ever so perfectly to enhance everybody's favorite season. DL the mix after the jump!


Fear Of Men - Born

London/Brighton's four piece pop group Fear Of Men released the B-Side to their upcoming single yesterday and it's just as lovely as their past tracks. "Born" is a song that manages to satisfyingly build itself up amply in a short amount of time; a feat that is best listened to more than once. The single comes out June 18th on Sexbeat.



Yung Life - Isn't This

The last time Knoxville's primary 80's synthpop revivalists Yung Life were featured here on NF it was to talk about their newest single. Now they're here again because they just released a killer track from their self-titled follow up LP to last year's Youth's Hours. The track "Isn't This" is energetic and sentimental and loaded with a solid bassline, gleaming keyboards, and rich vocals. The band's shift from a grittier sound is prevalent once again and it sounds like it's really working out for them. Look for the rest of the album when it's released on June 21st!

MP3: Yung Life – Isn’t This /via/


Grand Resort - Night Is Dark

Prepare yourself for some dream pop perfection from Brooklyn's Grand Resort. Andres Pichardo is the mastermind behind the project and he's got a new album coming out this summer called Vanguard Dreams. Get a taste of the album by listening to the upbeat and jangle-riffic single "Night Is Dark". The song has all the charm of a Sarah Records release and never ceases to lose its radiant and effortless force. Overall a perfect summer track that is best paired with sprawling fields of flowers and drives through the country with the windows down. Enjoy.

MP3: Grand Resort - Night Is Dark /via/


Music Video Madness

The other day I realized that it's been awhile since I posted a music video here on NF. Why you may ask? Well I really don't know the answer, but I do know that there have been a whole lot of fantastic visual interpretations of great songs that I've neglected to post. This post is the result of the aforementioned lack of music videos. Take a look after the jump!


Monster Rally - Honey

Ohio's Monster Rally is a pro at making simple and dreamy soundscapes that immerse the listener in ethereal vibes. Ted Feighan is the man behind the magic and he's gearing up to release a new album in June entitled Beyond The Sea. He put up some tracks from the album on Bandcamp not too long ago that can be downloaded on a name your price basis. "Honey" is the first track of the preview songs and it's a wonderfully light jingly track that's rooted by breezy drums. Press play and zone out. 


Light Asylum - Hour Fortress

Here's a new Light Asylum track taken from the duo's self-titled debut album. The album came out on the first of this month and it's still got all the electronic darkness that they're known for. "Hour Fortress" is the first track on the 10 track album and it's quite the intro. The song starts off with some hard-hitting drum machine hits that instantly energize the track; but the real treat is Shannon Funchess' powerfully gloomy vocals. Play it up. 

Light Asylum - Hour Fortress by Mexican Summer


Twin Shadow - Five Seconds

I was happily surprised this morning to awake to a new Twin Shadow song. I was even happier to find out that the track is taken from the band's forthcoming sophomore album Confess. Boo-ya! The track that was released today is entitled "Five Seconds" and is a perfectly paced song that would be a great backing track to an 80's movie montage. I mean that in the best way possible! The album is set to release July 10th on 4AD. 

MP3: Twin Shadow - Five Seconds /via/


Summer Heart - I Wanna Go

With Summer 2012 right around the corner there's no better time for Sweden's Summer Heart to grace your ears with their recently released album About A Feeling. The 8 tracks found on the release are chocked full of airy electro goodness that's grounded by rhythmic guitars and drums. The whole package bleeds good vibes but the shining star on the album is the track "I Wanna Go". I'm not afraid to admit that I have probably played it over 30 times now in the past two days. Enjoy.


Beach House - Equal Mind

I can't help it. I have to. It's too good! Beach House released a single from their upcoming album in honor of Record Store Day and the B-side on said single is magic. "Equal Mind" is the name of the enchanting track and it consists of three minutes and forty seconds of pure Beach House goodness. Keep your eyes peeled for the duo's fourth studio album Bloom when it's released on May 15th.

MP3: Beach House - Equal Mind /via/


Only Real - Cadillac Girl

You know that feeling when you hear an artist for the first time and you instantly know you're going to love them? Yeah, that's the feeling I got when I first heard Niall Galvin's bedroom pop project Only Real. At the moment there's only two tracks up for play on his SoundCloud, but that was more than enough to convince me that this guy knows how to make great tunes. "Cadillac Girl" was the track that introduced me to it all, and right from the opening guitar riffs I was sold. 

MP3: Only Real - Cadillac Girl /via/


Sand Circles - White Sand

Sand Circles is a Sweden based ambient electronic artist who specializes in making atmospheric lo-fi tracks. His latest release is entitled Motor City and all 11 songs on the album would be a perfect fit on the soundtrack of an obscure 1980's film. "White Sand" is the pulsating and epic track that follows the intro and is a perfect showcase of the energy and nostalgia that can be found on the rest of the album. I highly recommend it to you if you plan on going out on a late night drive through a post-apocalyptic city anytime soon.

Sand Circles - White Sand by DemianRe


Young Prisms - Floating In Blue

On March 27th San Francisco's prominent shoegazers Young Prisms released their sophomore album In Between. I've been looking forward to getting my hands on new stuff from these guys and I'm happy to say that this album doesn't disappoint. Their songs are still just as sweet and mesmerizing as when we last heard them on their debut album. Get a taste of the laid-back dreaminess that this stellar group has to offer by playing "Floating In Blue" off of the recent release. So good. 

MP3: Young Prisms - Floating In Blue /via/


SUNDAY MORNING - Summer Please Come Soon

Here's a super chill glo-fi track from Russia's SUNDAY MORNING. The title of the track is "Summer Please Come Soon" and that's definitely a statement I can relate to at the moment. From the submersion into a pool of irresistibly groovy disco vibes at the start to the vocal sample that swells throughout; this song is a perfect summer jam. Grab the track for free over on Bandcamp and be sure to take a peek at the other equally great releases that this glo-fi pro has to offer. 


Dunes - Vertical Walk

At the beginning of the month Los Angeles based dream-poppers Dunes released their debut album Noctiluca. The 11 track album is filled with hazy pop songs that contain some really fantastic guitar riffs. "Vertical Walk" is the single from said album and it's a great example of the aforementioned. Check out the track below and if you like what you hear the rest of the album is out now via Post Present Medium. Play it up son.  

MP3: Dunes - Vertical Walk /via/


Real Estate - Exactly Nothing

What better way to start Spring than with a new Real Estate song off of their upcoming Easy single! The new song's name is "Exactly Nothing" and it's the b-side to the well known title track. There are no surprises when it comes to the sound of this newly released track. Airy vocals paired with soothing guitars and drums are the norm here, and that's just the way I like it. The single is set to drop on April 10th via Domino Records. 


Tan Dollar - Jon's Song

New shoegaze goodness from Tan Dollar off of their latest 3 track EP, Diary of Our Journey to the Netherlands. All three of the songs found on this release contain more of the same whiny vocals, addictive guitar riffs, and hard-hitting drums that these guys are known for, but with a slightly more mature sound. "Jon's Song" is the track that grabs me the most from the release but the other two songs are definitely just as pretty. I can't get enough.

MP3: Tan Dollar – Jon’s Song /via/


Tezeo - Friends

I'll never ever get enough of synths, especially when they're lovingly utilized to make amazing music. Brooklyn's Tezeo does just that on the title track from their recently released single. "Friends" is a massive synthpop jam that flows beautifully and is infused with incredibly catchy energy. The video that accompanies the song is a well done nod to cheesy videos from MTV's glory days. Pair everything together and you have a solid package of synthy righteousness. The single is out now via Dummy Records.

Tezeo 'Friends' by Dummy Records


Die Jungen - I've Been Glad

At the beginning of the week Die Jungen (aka Klaus Von Barrel) released his first full length album on Bandcamp. The album's name is At Breath's End and it contains 12 wonderful tracks filled with emotion and magic. Barrel's sound is best described as spellbinding and spectacular with every song utilizing elements of 1950's charm paired with his low crooning voice. The result is a hypnotizing treat that echoes with memories of the past and fully immerses the listener. Take a listen to "I've Been Glad" off of said release below and go to bandcamp to pick up the rest of this truly lovely album. 


Sloslylove - Secret Dreams

Sloslylove is the Eau Claire, WI based electro artist who produces some seriously stellar tracks. Last month the 8 track album Secret Dreams was released and is chock full of what this artist does best: funky chilled out beats that ring with nostalgia. The whole thing really is perfect with every track flowing beautifully into the next and keeping the dreamy energy alive. Play it up for yourself below and grab the whole thing for a name your price basis on Bandcamp. Stay groovy.


Craft Spells - Still Left With Me

I have been eagerly awaiting new material from Oxnard, California's Craft Spells. With the recent announcement of their new EP Gallery my wish was granted, the exciting news brought a single from the upcoming release entitled "Still Left With Me". Upon my first listen of the track I heard the same elements that made me love their debut album Idle Labor so much. The 6 track EP is going to be released on May 15th via Captured Tracks. Can't wait! 

Still Left With Me by CTRACKSBK


Balue - Worry Toobs

Balue is the name of Eli Thomas's Denver based lo-fi project. The best way to describe his music is laid back, dreamy pop songs that evoke images of summer. Let's stop right there: if you're not already stoked to hear this artist after the words lo-fi, dreamy, and summer have been utilized to describe the music on this EP then there's a problem. Worry Toobs is the name of the aforementioned EP and it contains 5 tracks with in your face good vibes. Grab the wonderfully melodic title track below and be sure to check out the other shimmering tracks over on Bandcamp.

Worry Toobs by Balue


King Tuff - Wild Desire

When it comes to consistently releasing perfect lo-fi rock songs look no further than Kyle Thomas of King Tuff. His newest single isn't set to drop until April via Suicide Squeeze Records, but in the meantime you can indulge in the lo-fi goodness via MP3 below. The single's name is "Wild Desire" and it's a 3 minute rock romp. Energetic. Catchy. Fun. Everything a song should be. Cheggit' out.

MP3: King Tuff - Wild Desire /via/


Black Marble - Pretender

What's the weather like outside for you at the moment? If you answered dark and gloomy then boy do I have the perfect soundtrack for you. Brooklyn's post-punk synthpoppers, Black Marble, released a 5 track EP at the end of last month that contains all the dreary coolness any Joy Division fan could ask for. The single from the EP is entitled "Pretender" and highlights all of the elements that make Black Marble so enjoyable. Atmospheric synths, infectious drum machine hits, drab vocals, and repetitive bass plucks all come together to produce an emotionally driven and solid track; regardless of the weather. Their EP Weight Against The Door is available now via Hardly Art.

MP3: Black Marble - Pretender /via/


Barclay Heights - Walk Among The Skylights

Groovalicious chillwave from new and emerging artist Barclay Heights. The man behind the music is New York based Zack Kollar, and according to him this is his first ever release. What a way to start! The "first ever release" comes in the form of a six track EP entitled Saphead. The whole thing is loaded with super chill beats that gracefully emerge out of your speakers. A personal favorite from the release is the hella funky track "Walk Among The Skylights". Check it out below and then head over to Bandcamp to grab the rest of the stellar EP.


Women - Eyesore

The Calgary Herald has reported that Christopher Reimer of the Calgary based rock band Women has passed away. He was 26. The cause of death is still unknown. I read the sad news last night and was taken aback at the outpouring of support that was generated. In honor of this loss to the music community I have decided to post the fantastic single ("Eyesore") from the band's 2010 sophomore album Public Strain. RIP Mr. Reimer.


Kool Music - Running Back To Everyone

Canada based Jasper Baydala is the man behind the ethereal and airy musical landscapes of Kool Music. Today the official video for his song "Running Back To Everyone" premiered on Vimeo. The video is chock full of amazing shots and really complements the song perfectly. It's magic. 

MP3: Kool Music - Running Back To Everyone /via/


Future Unlimited - When It Calls

Atmospheric synthpop from Nashville, TN based electronic duo, Future Unlimited. The whole vibe of the two tracks they've released so far are a good indication that these guys know what they're doing. The most recently released track from the forthcoming Cloak & Dagger EP is titled "When It Calls" and is a 5 minute long synthpop epic. The track evokes images of standing atop a cliffside whilst gazing into the lights of a futuristic city right at sunset. But hey, that's just me! Interpret the electronic goodness for yourself below. 

MP3: Future Unlimited – When It Calls /via/


Terry Malts - Tumble Down

Slumberland Records have signed a lot of fantastic artists to their label, one of which being San Francisco's post-punk garage rockers Terry Malts. The band's sound has been described as a mix of crunch and catchiness, and what a perfect description that is. "Tumble Down" is one of the many energetic and ridiculously addictive tracks that is going to be featured on the band's upcoming debut album Killing Time. The bah-bah-bah-bah's in the chorus of the song are going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the yearand I'm totally fine with that.