Songs Of The Year 2011

Making a list of the 20 best albums was challenging due to the massive amounts of music awesomeness released in 2k11. Narrowing down a list of the 30 best songs proved to be even more difficult. This second list is a painstakingly put together account of NF's top 30 songs of 2011. Check it out after the jump.


Albums Of The Year 2011

2011. Where to begin? With all the great new artists, albums, and songs it's a difficult task to narrow everything down into a list. That being said, there are definitely some stand outs that come to mind when looking back at 2k11. This first list highlights NF's favorite albums of the year. Check it out after the jump.


Wyla - You're The One

North Carolina based Wyla makes lo-fi electronic music that contains some seriously chill vibes. A personal favorite from the group is off of their Zummer Zingle EP. The track is titled "You're The One" and has a great atmosphere that immerses you right from the start. Check it out below. 


Still Corners - Into The Trees

Still Corners give their song "Into The Trees" a visual companion and the results are just as dreamy as the song itself. The song was originally released back in October on the group's debut album Creatures Of An Hour. The video definitely adds to the song's already lulling atmosphere with 8mm nature footage being mixed with shots of the band. Check it out for yourself up above and pick up the song below. 

MP3: Still Corners - Into The Trees /via/


Shannon and The Clams - The Cult Song

Shannon and The Clams hail from Oakland, California and have successfully emulated the wonder of classic 1960s garage rock. Their most recent music venture was released back in April of this year and is a 12 track album that's named Sleep Talk. The whole album has fantastic energy that makes each and every listen a treat. A personal favorite from the album is a track aptly named "The Cult Song". Take a listen to it below and be sure to check out the other fun songs the band has to offer.

MP3: Shannon & The Clams – The Cult Song /via/