Grabbel and The Final Cut - The Finest Thing

The always unbelievably awesome label Captured Tracks is gearing up to release the music of Grabbel and The Final Cut, a noise pop band from L√ľneburg, Germany who has been relatively unheard ofuntil now. After careful restoration and remastering of the original tapes, the band's EP Get Your Feet Back On The Ground will finally be available to the masses in January. To get an early preview of their awesomeness, take a listen to "The Finest Thing" below. It's seriously lovely

MP3: Grabbel and the Final Cut - The Finest Thing /via/


Tycho - Hours

This track is most definitely a contender for most chill song of 2011. The man behind the surreal dreamy landscape of "Hours" is none other than San Fransisco's Tycho. His newest album, Dive, came out late last month. It's a beautiful mix of chilled out and just overall pretty songs. To get a taste of what I'm talking about, listen to the aforementioned track below. 

MP3: Tycho - Hours /via/


Widowspeak - Harsh Realm

Widowspeak is a Brooklyn based trio that makes woozy grunge pop. Their music would be the perfect soundtrack to a late night drive through the middle of the desert. Doesn't get more atmospheric than that, huh? "Harsh Realm" is off of their debut single that came out at the beginning of the year. Check it out.