Rangers - Zombies (Night)

Joe Knight is the man behind the psychedelic rock outfit Rangers. His 2010 album Suburban Tours was a nostalgic lo-fi journey that no doubt inspired the sounds of his newest album. Pan Am Stories was released last month and still has all the nostalgic lo-fi sounds that were heard on his first album but with less of an electronic influence. Take a listen to the wonderfully tripped out "Zombies (Night)" below. 


Bleached - Searching Through The Past

Jennifer and Jessie Clavin are the two sisters who are behind Bleached. Their sound is a refreshing mix of garage rock and punk rock. They are getting ready to release their third single Searching Through The Past on November 28th via Suicide Squeeze Records. Fortunately, we don't have to wait all the way until November to hear the single's title track. The contagious guitar riffs and energetic vocals throughout said song are all perfectly implemented to create a shoe-tappingly wonderful tune. Prepare yourself.

MP3: Bleached - Searching Through The Past /via/

Chris Moss Acid - NS4

New song from British electronic artist Chris Moss Acid. The track,"NS4" was released last month but sounds like it could have come out 25 years ago. The video that accompanies the song is a perfect match to the song's lo-fi atmosphere. Pretty amazing combo if you ask me. Play it up.


Small Black - Moon Killer

If you're looking for catchy and atmospheric synth-pop look no further than Brooklyn's Small Black. Recently they announced that they'll be releasing a "mixtape" on November 11th that contains brand new music goodness. Having loved their debut album New Chain I am really excited to hear some new stuff from these guys. After hearing "Moon Killer" it's safe to say that the new material is going to be awesome.

MP3: Small Black - Moon Killer /via/


Cold Cave - Confetti

Cold Cave consists of 3 people who are undeniably in love with the 1980s and New Wave. The group's second album Cherish The Light Years came out back in April. Joy Division like guitars, New Order like electronic elements, and Depeche Mode-esque vocals all play a huge part in their music. "Confetti" is a personal favorite from the album and it showcases all of the aforementioned. Put it all together and you have an awesome band that perfectly implements the old and the new.

MP3: Cold Cave – Confetti /via/


Suburban Living - Favorite Friend EP

Suburban Living is a dream-pop/shoegaze artist based out of Norfolk, VA. Being a big fan of dream-pop and shoegaze music, I am happy to say that Suburban Living's Favorite Friend EP is a welcome addition to my music library. All the elements of both songs below are perfectly implemented to create a sentimental sound that will shine through your speakers with every listen. Pick up the EP for $1,000,000 or $0 on bandcamp. Happy listening.