The New Division - Shadows (Album Stream)

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come to where you and your ears can indulge in the electronic perfection of The New Division's newest album. Shadows has been on my list of albums that I couldn't wait for ever since it was announced. After listening to the whole thing via soundcloud, I can safely say that it is an aural treat that will make your ears happy time and time again. Enough chit chat, take a listen to the album below and make sure to buy the whole thing when it comes out tomorrow. What are you waiting for!? Hit play!

Shadows by shadowslp


Spectrals - Get A Grip

I have been a fan of Spectrals for a good deal of time now, but the song below has already worked its way to one of my favorite songs by them. "Get A Grip" has all the components of their previous work: twangy guitars, a catchy melody, and Louis Jone's melodramatic voice. Snatch up the track below, and if you're as hypnotized by the song as I am, the debut album Bad Penny is released on October 26th. 

MP3: Spectrals – Get A Grip /via/


Twin Shadow - Changes

Hot off the presses comes a brand spanking new single from Twin Shadow. After last year's critically acclaimed album Forget, George Lewis Jr. has been sticking to making remixes and touring. Now with today's release of "Changes" we get a new taste of the highly praised artist. The song starts off slow and empty, then progressively builds into a hypnotic and dance floor friendly song that's sure to please longtime fans and newcomers alike. Enjoy.

MP3: Twin Shadow - Changes /via/


Active Child - Hanging On

Pat Grossi is the man behind the beautifully written and effectual songs of Active Child. His latest album You Are All I See came out back in late August. One of the more popular songs from the album is "Hanging On". It's easy to see why because the song contains everything that makes Active Child so unique and enjoyable to listen to. Check out the astoundingly atmospheric track below and get your groove on.

MP3: Active Child - Hanging On /via/


Youth Lagoon - Montana

The video above might just be the best music video of 2011. Youth Lagoon's debut album The Year Of Hibernation doesn't come out until the 27th of this month, fortunately the music video for one of the most talked about songs on the album has. "Montana" is emotional and dreamy and does a wonderful job in captivating the listener.  Watch the fantastic video above and snatch up the song below.

MP3: Youth Lagoon – Montana /via/


Summer Camp - Better Off Without You

I've finally come to the conclusion that it is impossible for London based duo Summer Camp to make a bad song. All of their songs have a ridiculous amount of energy and their newest song "Better Off Without You" is no exception. Stay tuned for their upcoming debut full length album Welcome To Condale. It's going to be fantastic!