Moonlight Mask - A Coruña

Moonlight Mask makes irresistibly enjoyable fuzzy pop music. The simple but strong lighthearted songs on their debut EP all have a good vibe and beat. A personal favorite of mine is "A Coruña", the beginning is super catchy and the whole song has a great flow to it. To get yourself hooked on the catchiness of this artist, listen to the previously mentioned song below. If you're still not satisfied, head over to their bandcamp to download the other 3 songs from the EP. 


White Life - Time Is Wasting

Baltimore's White Life makes music that sounds like it came right out of the year 1989. "Time Is Wasting" is the terrifically groovy single off of the duo's self titled debut album. The whiny vocals and cheesy keyboards in the song are definitely proof to their fun 80's sound. Check it out below.


John Maus - And The Rain

Perfect music for a late night drive thanks to the one and only John Maus. The whole album We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves is truly fantastic. Each song echoing with 80's synths and keyboards that complement the deep and dreamy vocals. "And The Rain" is one of my personal favorites from the album and it might be yours too. Enjoy.


College Boy - Kelly Bundy

Brooklyn's College Boy just released a perfect lo-fi pop album. One listen of the recently released Shallow Summer EP and you'll see what I mean. Give your ears a treat with the twangy, drum machine filled "Kelly Bundy" below and if you like what you hear then head over to Bandcamp to download the other 3 songs.


Neon Indian - Polish Girl

Alan Palamo is Neon Indian. His newest album Era Extrana is sounding like a far cry from his debut album Psychic Chasms but let me assure you: that is not a bad thing at all. Last month we got our first taste of the album in the form of "Fallout"; a dark synth filled song with vocals that were more audible than many of the vocals on his past album. And today, we get our second taste of the album with "Polish Girl". This song only makes me want to hear the whole album even more. It's going to be awesome. Enjoy. 

MP3: Neon Indian - Polish Girl /via/


Honeydrum - Skin City

Amazingly amazing nostalgic lo-fi music from New Jersey's Honeydrum. You can currently get their newest release Pleasures Of The Sun for free on their bandcamp. But while you're here you should watch the official video for "Skin City" and download the song below.

MP3: Honeydrum - Skin City /via/