The New Division - Opium

The New Division has done it again. The first taste of their new LP comes in the form of "Opium", an atmospheric synth-laced treat. I was already excited about their upcoming LP Shadows but now after hearing the song below I need a time machine. Why? Because I need to teleport to September 27th, the day that Shadows is released. In the meantime, you need to listen to the song already. Seriously. Do it.


M83 - Midnight City

"Midnight City" is the newest track from electro/dream pop artist M83, and it's awesome. From the beginning of the track you are instantly curious to see where the song will go. And don't worry, the song delivers. Take a listen to the song below and if you like what you hear then you'll be happy to know that M83's newest album drops on October 18th. Yeah, it's going to be awesome. 

Midnight City by M83


Heavy Hawaii - Teen Angel

San Diego's Heavy Hawaii sounds like a tripped out, lo-fi version of The Beach Boys. So me being a fan of The Beach Boys and trippy lo-fi songs I happened to enjoy their sound. It works perfectly. Take a listen to "Teen Angel" below to see what I mean. 

MP3: Heavy Hawaii - Teen Angel /via/


Cheerleader - Dreamer

Cheerleader is the name of a lo-fi pop duo hailing from Hartford, CT. Their songs are infused with nostalgia and instantly make you feel happy. "Dreamer" is a perfect example of how I just described them. Nostalgic. Happy. Oh, and I forgot to mention catchy. Listen to the song below and be sure to keep your eyes on these guys. 

MP3: Cheerleader - Dreamer  /via/


Sea Pinks - Falling Over

Sea Pinks make great beachy pop music. Towards the end of last year they released their first album entitled Youth is Wasted. I missed out on it when it was originally released but I heard a bit of the album the other day and I was instantly in love. Listen and download "Falling Over" off of said album below. 


Dent May - Fun

If there was an award for making fun and catchy songs with a ukelele then Mississippi's Dent May would most definitely win it. Don't believe me? Then howsabout you take a listen to his recently released single "Fun" below. Get ready to feel good. 


Mode Moderne - Undiscovered Country

Mode Moderne hails from Canada and are undoubtedly influenced by a number of artists ranging from Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and New Order. Let me assure you, this a very good thing. To get a taste of their sound listen to "Undiscovered Country" below off of their recently released Real Goths//Undiscovered Country 7"