Plastic Flowers - Drive Me Home

Today's post is all about Plastic Flowers, a one man dream pop artist from Tallahassee. "Drive Me Home" is an atmospheric and emotionally driven dreamy pop song that is perfectly put together. Listen to it below. It's so pretty I can't take it.

MP3: Plastic Flowers - Drive Me Home /via/


Stray Kites - All Is Well / Misanthrope

Stray Kites make shoe-tappingly good folk-pop music. You can hear two singles from their upcoming album Mieux below. "All Is Well" was my personal favorite out the two singles but be sure to listen to "Misanthrope" as well. If you happen to like the songs and want to have them in your music library forever, then head over to their bandcamp to download both songs for free.


Brothertiger - Like Water

Ohio based chillwaver Brothertiger released another perfect chillwave/glo-fi/whatever you want to call it track at the end of last month and I have only just now discovered it. "Like Water" is a dreamy up-beat song that you are sure to fall in love with after your first listen. Enjoy.

MP3: Brothertiger – Like Water /via/