Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom

Gardens & Villa are an electronic group comprised of 5 guys from Santa Barbara, CA. Listen to the hella groovy song "Orange Blossom" off their self-titled album below.

MP3: Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom /via/


LAY BAC - Stay Out Tonight

LAY BAC is a Texas based chillwaver who makes nostalgia-laced electro tunes. "Stay Out Tonight" is a perfect (and awesome) example of all of the aforementioned. Enjoy.


Catwalk - Please Don't Break Me

Catwalk are from Oxnard, CA and make excellent lo-fi pop music. The featured song "Please Don't Break Me" shares the same name as the EP and is filled with hard hitting tambourines, jangly guitars, and fuzzy vocals that are pieced together perfectly. Play it up below.

MP3: Catwalk - (Please) Don't Break Me /via/


Summer Camp - I Want You

This post marks the second time that Summer Camp has been featured here on Not Final. "I Want You" was released back in February and is a dark and synth fueled song that pulsates with tremendous energy. Listen to it below and keep your eyes on Summer Camp's myspace for any new tunes. 


Selebrities - Audition

Selebrities are an 80's sounding pop trio who recently released an EP. Ladies Man Effect contains four songs including the featured song of this post. "Audition" is an upbeat and just overall lovely tune that I couldn't resist sharing. Check it out below yo.