Triptides - Something Silver

Simple lo-fi surf pop by Indiana's Triptides. The song below, "Something Silver", is off of their self titled debut album from last year. It's a splendid little tune that flows effortlessly. Have a listen for yourself below.

MP3: Triptides - Something Silver /via/


SebastiAn - Embody

This video is just a tease of the epicness that is to come on SebastiAn's new album Total. It comes out May 30th via Ed Banger Records. Are you ready?


unouomedude - Frequency

2 new tracks from Florida's unouomedude were released on bandcamp last week. The song below "Frequency" is one of the 2 that were released on the 7". It's a fuzzy delight that has been on repeat for a good deal of time now. Hear it for yo' self below.

MP3: Unouomedude - Frequency /via/


Justice - Civilization

Electronic perfection from the one and only french DJ duo, Justice. What a way to come back after a four year hiatus. Listen to "Civilization" below and if you're un-aware of their previous music ventures, take a look at their myspace. You'll be happy you did. 

MP3: Justice – Civilization /via/


Twin Sister - Lady Daydream

Twin Sister's second EP Color Your Life came out last year and has been getting rave reviews ever since. The song below "Lady Daydream" is one of the more popular song's off of said EP. It's easy to see why. More music by Twin Sister can be found on myspace or on iTunes. Cheggit out.  

MP3: Twin Sister - Lady Daydream /via/


Dirty Beaches - True Blue

The unique 50's inspired lo-fi sound and distant production of Dirty Beaches won my heart and ears on the fist listen. His music really is an enjoyable treat that has a lot of soul and emotion. Listen to "True Blue" below to see what I'm saying. 

MP3: Dirty Beaches - True Blue /via/


Generationals - When They Fight, They Fight

This is Generational's second time being featured on the blog. Before I posted about how their new album Actor Caster was coming out this month. But now, we are going back to the year 2009 to dig up another one of their perfect pop songs. Seriously. It's great. "When They Fight They Fight" is the single off of their first album and you can listen to it below. If you like what you hear, I'd definitely recommend picking up the whole album on iTunes.

MP3: Generationals – When They Fight, They Fight  /via/

Das Racist - Rainbow In The Dark

Das Racist are a brooklyn based rap group who have been churning out random, funny, and awesome songs since 2008. Check out "Rainbow in the Dark" below from their first album Shut Up, Dude. Afterwards you can head over to their myspace for even more lyrical masterpieces.

MP3: Das Racist – Rainbow in the Dark /via/


The Young Friends - Be My Baby

The Young Friends are a surf pop band from Arizona. Last year they released their first album Hella. The song below is titled "Be My Baby" and is a perfect beachy pop song that will most likely get stuck in your head. Yes, the band has a myspace. Yes, you can buy the full album on iTunes. No, I will not keep saying yes to everything. That is all.

MP3: The Young Friends - Be My Baby /via/

Teen Daze - Let's Fall Asleep Together

Teen Daze released his Beach Dreams EP in November of last year. But just because it's old news doesn't mean that I can't share it here on the blog, right? Listen to "Let's Fall Asleep Together" below and take a look at his bandcamp for more lovely music.

MP3: Teen Daze - Let’s Fall Asleep Together /via/


TV Girl - If You Want It

"If You Want It" is a great song by the somewhat mysterious band TV Girl. I mean, you know it's going to great if the song's backing track is a sample from Todd Rundgren's "Hello It's Me". You can download TV Girl's whole EP on their bandcamp for the price of FREE. Check it.

MP3: TV Girl - If You Want It /via/


Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow

George Lewis Jr. is the man behind new-wave pop outfit Twin Shadow. The song below is off of his debut album from last year entitled, Forget. The song "Castles In The Snow" is the 8th song off of the fantastic 11 track album. It rocks so much I can't take it.

MP3: Twin Shadow - Castles In The Snow /via/


La Sera - Devils Hearts Grow Gold

Katy Goodman is best known for being a member of pop-punk band Vivian Girls. But recently she started a side project entitled La Sera. Their self titled debut album came out last month and "Devils Hearts Grow Gold" is the woozy and delightful single off the 12 track album. After listening, be sure to head over to La Sera's myspace for similar sounding tunes.

MP3: La Sera - Devils Hearts Grow Gold /via/ 


Tennis - Marathon

So I recently saw Tennis play live and I have to say, they were awesome. One of my favorites by them is "Marathon" off their debut album Cape Dory. It is no exception to their wonderful jingly-jangly pop sound. Listen below and make sure you check out the rest of the album on iTunes.

MP3: Tennis - Marathon /via/


Babes On The Beach - Got It Wrong

Lo-fi beach pop artists/songs are everywhere these days, that's why it's nice to hear a lo-fi beach pop song that's done right. Babes On The Beach are from British Columbia and are new to the game. And what better way to start out then by releasing a perfect song called "Got It Wrong." Listen to it below.

MP3: Babes On The Beach - Got It Wrong /via/


Andrew Mckee started ROLLERSKATERS as his side project from The Young Friends last April. "Sleep Tight" is a reverb heavy song that is energized by heavy drum beats and bass plucks--then the tambourine comes in. Listen below at your own risk, it's really addicting.

MP3: Rollerskaters - Sleep Tight /via/


Starfucker - Bury Us Alive

Oregon based electronic band Starfucker just released a brand new album entitled Reptilians. This album contains many moody, yet at the same time fun, electro pop songs. The song below "Bury Us Alive" is a perfect example of how the mood of the song can change at any given time. Listen to it below and be sure to check out the rest of the album on iTunes.

MP3: Starfucker - Bury Us Alive /via/

Craft Spells - After The Moment

"After The Moment" is the title track off of California based Craft Spells recently released single. And let me tell you something, it's magic. Like really. Take a listen to it below but be warned, it's highly addictive.

MP3: Craft Spells - After the Moment  /via/


Graffiti Island - Head Hunters

UK based garage rockers Graffiti Island have been around for quite some time now, yet it was only recently that I discovered them. The song "Headhunters" below is a rock n' roll romp that makes you want to go throw a TV through a window. Cheggit out below yo. 


Generationals - Greenleaf

This month, New Orleans based indie rockers Generationals are releasing a new album. In the meantime though, they are teasing our earbuds with the occasional release of an mp3 from the upcoming Actor Caster. This time, they chose a song by the name of "Greenleaf" and I must admit, it's great. Besides the songs uplifting and energetic beat, there is also a cowbell and a piano. Enough said, right?

MP3: Generationals - Greenleaf /via/


Kontravoid - Native State

If you're looking for ear shatteringly awesome electronic songs look no further than Kontravoid's new EP Native StateIf you like what you hear below, head on over to Kontravoid's soundcloud to hear some of his other works. Then if you REALLY like what you hear, you can buy the whole thing on iTunes. For now though, listen to the first song off the EP "Native State."