The New Division - Starfield

Before I tell you about the artist let me just say this: once you hear this song you will look at life in a completely new way. And if the change isn't THAT drastic, then you'll just end up putting this song on repeat for hours on end. Anyway, the guys behind the electronic goodness of The New Division are natives of California. Just by looking at their name it's pretty obvious they're gonna sound good. This song was released as a single back in November of 2k10. But now this song is part of their EP (entitled The Rookie) which is up for download on their bandcamp. Enough talk, just listen to it. 

Summer Camp - Was It Worth It?

Summer Camp is a two piece band made up of Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey. When they released their first EP last year (entitled Young) it took the blogosphere by storm. "Was It Worth It?" is the second track off the six track EP. So why am I posting it if it's from last year? Because it's a great song, and it's worth a listen. 


Cloud Nothings - Should Have

This track is about 2 months old but I'm still gonna post it because it's a great song. Not to mention that the music video for it was only released a few weeks ago. Anyway, "Should Have" is the 3rd track off of Cloud Nothings self titled album. Give it a listen. Do a little dance. Then, if you're brave, check out the official music video. It's pretty disturbing. Ha, enjoy!


Theophilus London Ft. Sara Quin - Why Even Try

Theophilus London has been in the music world since 2008, although it was only recently that I heard "Why Even Try" off of his newest EP Lovers Holiday. Give it a listen and be sure to check out the rest of the EP which is now available on iTunes.

MP3: Theophilus London – Why Even Try (Feat. Sara Quin) /via/

Beach Fossils - Out In The Way

Surf-pop pros Beach Fossils team up with Wild Nothing frontman Jack Tatum to make this atmospheric/upbeat tune. Look for it on Beach Fossils' newest EP entitled "What A Pleasure" when it's released February 22nd on Captured Tracks.

MP3: Beach Fossils - Out In the Way ft. Jack Tatum /via/