Songs Of The Year 2011

Making a list of the 20 best albums was challenging due to the massive amounts of music awesomeness released in 2k11. Narrowing down a list of the 30 best songs proved to be even more difficult. This second list is a painstakingly put together account of NF's top 30 songs of 2011. Check it out after the jump.


Albums Of The Year 2011

2011. Where to begin? With all the great new artists, albums, and songs it's a difficult task to narrow everything down into a list. That being said, there are definitely some stand outs that come to mind when looking back at 2k11. This first list highlights NF's favorite albums of the year. Check it out after the jump.


Wyla - You're The One

North Carolina based Wyla makes lo-fi electronic music that contains some seriously chill vibes. A personal favorite from the group is off of their Zummer Zingle EP. The track is titled "You're The One" and has a great atmosphere that immerses you right from the start. Check it out below. 


Still Corners - Into The Trees

Still Corners give their song "Into The Trees" a visual companion and the results are just as dreamy as the song itself. The song was originally released back in October on the group's debut album Creatures Of An Hour. The video definitely adds to the song's already lulling atmosphere with 8mm nature footage being mixed with shots of the band. Check it out for yourself up above and pick up the song below. 

MP3: Still Corners - Into The Trees /via/


Shannon and The Clams - The Cult Song

Shannon and The Clams hail from Oakland, California and have successfully emulated the wonder of classic 1960s garage rock. Their most recent music venture was released back in April of this year and is a 12 track album that's named Sleep Talk. The whole album has fantastic energy that makes each and every listen a treat. A personal favorite from the album is a track aptly named "The Cult Song". Take a listen to it below and be sure to check out the other fun songs the band has to offer.

MP3: Shannon & The Clams – The Cult Song /via/


Grabbel and The Final Cut - The Finest Thing

The always unbelievably awesome label Captured Tracks is gearing up to release the music of Grabbel and The Final Cut, a noise pop band from Lüneburg, Germany who has been relatively unheard ofuntil now. After careful restoration and remastering of the original tapes, the band's EP Get Your Feet Back On The Ground will finally be available to the masses in January. To get an early preview of their awesomeness, take a listen to "The Finest Thing" below. It's seriously lovely

MP3: Grabbel and the Final Cut - The Finest Thing /via/


Tycho - Hours

This track is most definitely a contender for most chill song of 2011. The man behind the surreal dreamy landscape of "Hours" is none other than San Fransisco's Tycho. His newest album, Dive, came out late last month. It's a beautiful mix of chilled out and just overall pretty songs. To get a taste of what I'm talking about, listen to the aforementioned track below. 

MP3: Tycho - Hours /via/


Widowspeak - Harsh Realm

Widowspeak is a Brooklyn based trio that makes woozy grunge pop. Their music would be the perfect soundtrack to a late night drive through the middle of the desert. Doesn't get more atmospheric than that, huh? "Harsh Realm" is off of their debut single that came out at the beginning of the year. Check it out.


Rangers - Zombies (Night)

Joe Knight is the man behind the psychedelic rock outfit Rangers. His 2010 album Suburban Tours was a nostalgic lo-fi journey that no doubt inspired the sounds of his newest album. Pan Am Stories was released last month and still has all the nostalgic lo-fi sounds that were heard on his first album but with less of an electronic influence. Take a listen to the wonderfully tripped out "Zombies (Night)" below. 


Bleached - Searching Through The Past

Jennifer and Jessie Clavin are the two sisters who are behind Bleached. Their sound is a refreshing mix of garage rock and punk rock. They are getting ready to release their third single Searching Through The Past on November 28th via Suicide Squeeze Records. Fortunately, we don't have to wait all the way until November to hear the single's title track. The contagious guitar riffs and energetic vocals throughout said song are all perfectly implemented to create a shoe-tappingly wonderful tune. Prepare yourself.

MP3: Bleached - Searching Through The Past /via/

Chris Moss Acid - NS4

New song from British electronic artist Chris Moss Acid. The track,"NS4" was released last month but sounds like it could have come out 25 years ago. The video that accompanies the song is a perfect match to the song's lo-fi atmosphere. Pretty amazing combo if you ask me. Play it up.


Small Black - Moon Killer

If you're looking for catchy and atmospheric synth-pop look no further than Brooklyn's Small Black. Recently they announced that they'll be releasing a "mixtape" on November 11th that contains brand new music goodness. Having loved their debut album New Chain I am really excited to hear some new stuff from these guys. After hearing "Moon Killer" it's safe to say that the new material is going to be awesome.

MP3: Small Black - Moon Killer /via/


Cold Cave - Confetti

Cold Cave consists of 3 people who are undeniably in love with the 1980s and New Wave. The group's second album Cherish The Light Years came out back in April. Joy Division like guitars, New Order like electronic elements, and Depeche Mode-esque vocals all play a huge part in their music. "Confetti" is a personal favorite from the album and it showcases all of the aforementioned. Put it all together and you have an awesome band that perfectly implements the old and the new.

MP3: Cold Cave – Confetti /via/


Suburban Living - Favorite Friend EP

Suburban Living is a dream-pop/shoegaze artist based out of Norfolk, VA. Being a big fan of dream-pop and shoegaze music, I am happy to say that Suburban Living's Favorite Friend EP is a welcome addition to my music library. All the elements of both songs below are perfectly implemented to create a sentimental sound that will shine through your speakers with every listen. Pick up the EP for $1,000,000 or $0 on bandcamp. Happy listening. 


The New Division - Shadows (Album Stream)

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come to where you and your ears can indulge in the electronic perfection of The New Division's newest album. Shadows has been on my list of albums that I couldn't wait for ever since it was announced. After listening to the whole thing via soundcloud, I can safely say that it is an aural treat that will make your ears happy time and time again. Enough chit chat, take a listen to the album below and make sure to buy the whole thing when it comes out tomorrow. What are you waiting for!? Hit play!

Shadows by shadowslp


Spectrals - Get A Grip

I have been a fan of Spectrals for a good deal of time now, but the song below has already worked its way to one of my favorite songs by them. "Get A Grip" has all the components of their previous work: twangy guitars, a catchy melody, and Louis Jone's melodramatic voice. Snatch up the track below, and if you're as hypnotized by the song as I am, the debut album Bad Penny is released on October 26th. 

MP3: Spectrals – Get A Grip /via/


Twin Shadow - Changes

Hot off the presses comes a brand spanking new single from Twin Shadow. After last year's critically acclaimed album Forget, George Lewis Jr. has been sticking to making remixes and touring. Now with today's release of "Changes" we get a new taste of the highly praised artist. The song starts off slow and empty, then progressively builds into a hypnotic and dance floor friendly song that's sure to please longtime fans and newcomers alike. Enjoy.

MP3: Twin Shadow - Changes /via/


Active Child - Hanging On

Pat Grossi is the man behind the beautifully written and effectual songs of Active Child. His latest album You Are All I See came out back in late August. One of the more popular songs from the album is "Hanging On". It's easy to see why because the song contains everything that makes Active Child so unique and enjoyable to listen to. Check out the astoundingly atmospheric track below and get your groove on.

MP3: Active Child - Hanging On /via/


Youth Lagoon - Montana

The video above might just be the best music video of 2011. Youth Lagoon's debut album The Year Of Hibernation doesn't come out until the 27th of this month, fortunately the music video for one of the most talked about songs on the album has. "Montana" is emotional and dreamy and does a wonderful job in captivating the listener.  Watch the fantastic video above and snatch up the song below.

MP3: Youth Lagoon – Montana /via/


Summer Camp - Better Off Without You

I've finally come to the conclusion that it is impossible for London based duo Summer Camp to make a bad song. All of their songs have a ridiculous amount of energy and their newest song "Better Off Without You" is no exception. Stay tuned for their upcoming debut full length album Welcome To Condale. It's going to be fantastic!


Moonlight Mask - A Coruña

Moonlight Mask makes irresistibly enjoyable fuzzy pop music. The simple but strong lighthearted songs on their debut EP all have a good vibe and beat. A personal favorite of mine is "A Coruña", the beginning is super catchy and the whole song has a great flow to it. To get yourself hooked on the catchiness of this artist, listen to the previously mentioned song below. If you're still not satisfied, head over to their bandcamp to download the other 3 songs from the EP. 


White Life - Time Is Wasting

Baltimore's White Life makes music that sounds like it came right out of the year 1989. "Time Is Wasting" is the terrifically groovy single off of the duo's self titled debut album. The whiny vocals and cheesy keyboards in the song are definitely proof to their fun 80's sound. Check it out below.


John Maus - And The Rain

Perfect music for a late night drive thanks to the one and only John Maus. The whole album We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves is truly fantastic. Each song echoing with 80's synths and keyboards that complement the deep and dreamy vocals. "And The Rain" is one of my personal favorites from the album and it might be yours too. Enjoy.


College Boy - Kelly Bundy

Brooklyn's College Boy just released a perfect lo-fi pop album. One listen of the recently released Shallow Summer EP and you'll see what I mean. Give your ears a treat with the twangy, drum machine filled "Kelly Bundy" below and if you like what you hear then head over to Bandcamp to download the other 3 songs.


Neon Indian - Polish Girl

Alan Palamo is Neon Indian. His newest album Era Extrana is sounding like a far cry from his debut album Psychic Chasms but let me assure you: that is not a bad thing at all. Last month we got our first taste of the album in the form of "Fallout"; a dark synth filled song with vocals that were more audible than many of the vocals on his past album. And today, we get our second taste of the album with "Polish Girl". This song only makes me want to hear the whole album even more. It's going to be awesome. Enjoy. 

MP3: Neon Indian - Polish Girl /via/


Honeydrum - Skin City

Amazingly amazing nostalgic lo-fi music from New Jersey's Honeydrum. You can currently get their newest release Pleasures Of The Sun for free on their bandcamp. But while you're here you should watch the official video for "Skin City" and download the song below.

MP3: Honeydrum - Skin City /via/


The New Division - Opium

The New Division has done it again. The first taste of their new LP comes in the form of "Opium", an atmospheric synth-laced treat. I was already excited about their upcoming LP Shadows but now after hearing the song below I need a time machine. Why? Because I need to teleport to September 27th, the day that Shadows is released. In the meantime, you need to listen to the song already. Seriously. Do it.


M83 - Midnight City

"Midnight City" is the newest track from electro/dream pop artist M83, and it's awesome. From the beginning of the track you are instantly curious to see where the song will go. And don't worry, the song delivers. Take a listen to the song below and if you like what you hear then you'll be happy to know that M83's newest album drops on October 18th. Yeah, it's going to be awesome. 

Midnight City by M83


Heavy Hawaii - Teen Angel

San Diego's Heavy Hawaii sounds like a tripped out, lo-fi version of The Beach Boys. So me being a fan of The Beach Boys and trippy lo-fi songs I happened to enjoy their sound. It works perfectly. Take a listen to "Teen Angel" below to see what I mean. 

MP3: Heavy Hawaii - Teen Angel /via/


Cheerleader - Dreamer

Cheerleader is the name of a lo-fi pop duo hailing from Hartford, CT. Their songs are infused with nostalgia and instantly make you feel happy. "Dreamer" is a perfect example of how I just described them. Nostalgic. Happy. Oh, and I forgot to mention catchy. Listen to the song below and be sure to keep your eyes on these guys. 

MP3: Cheerleader - Dreamer  /via/


Sea Pinks - Falling Over

Sea Pinks make great beachy pop music. Towards the end of last year they released their first album entitled Youth is Wasted. I missed out on it when it was originally released but I heard a bit of the album the other day and I was instantly in love. Listen and download "Falling Over" off of said album below. 


Dent May - Fun

If there was an award for making fun and catchy songs with a ukelele then Mississippi's Dent May would most definitely win it. Don't believe me? Then howsabout you take a listen to his recently released single "Fun" below. Get ready to feel good. 


Mode Moderne - Undiscovered Country

Mode Moderne hails from Canada and are undoubtedly influenced by a number of artists ranging from Joy Division, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and New Order. Let me assure you, this a very good thing. To get a taste of their sound listen to "Undiscovered Country" below off of their recently released Real Goths//Undiscovered Country 7"


Plastic Flowers - Drive Me Home

Today's post is all about Plastic Flowers, a one man dream pop artist from Tallahassee. "Drive Me Home" is an atmospheric and emotionally driven dreamy pop song that is perfectly put together. Listen to it below. It's so pretty I can't take it.

MP3: Plastic Flowers - Drive Me Home /via/


Stray Kites - All Is Well / Misanthrope

Stray Kites make shoe-tappingly good folk-pop music. You can hear two singles from their upcoming album Mieux below. "All Is Well" was my personal favorite out the two singles but be sure to listen to "Misanthrope" as well. If you happen to like the songs and want to have them in your music library forever, then head over to their bandcamp to download both songs for free.


Brothertiger - Like Water

Ohio based chillwaver Brothertiger released another perfect chillwave/glo-fi/whatever you want to call it track at the end of last month and I have only just now discovered it. "Like Water" is a dreamy up-beat song that you are sure to fall in love with after your first listen. Enjoy.

MP3: Brothertiger – Like Water /via/


Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom

Gardens & Villa are an electronic group comprised of 5 guys from Santa Barbara, CA. Listen to the hella groovy song "Orange Blossom" off their self-titled album below.

MP3: Gardens & Villa - Orange Blossom /via/


LAY BAC - Stay Out Tonight

LAY BAC is a Texas based chillwaver who makes nostalgia-laced electro tunes. "Stay Out Tonight" is a perfect (and awesome) example of all of the aforementioned. Enjoy.


Catwalk - Please Don't Break Me

Catwalk are from Oxnard, CA and make excellent lo-fi pop music. The featured song "Please Don't Break Me" shares the same name as the EP and is filled with hard hitting tambourines, jangly guitars, and fuzzy vocals that are pieced together perfectly. Play it up below.

MP3: Catwalk - (Please) Don't Break Me /via/


Summer Camp - I Want You

This post marks the second time that Summer Camp has been featured here on Not Final. "I Want You" was released back in February and is a dark and synth fueled song that pulsates with tremendous energy. Listen to it below and keep your eyes on Summer Camp's myspace for any new tunes. 


Selebrities - Audition

Selebrities are an 80's sounding pop trio who recently released an EP. Ladies Man Effect contains four songs including the featured song of this post. "Audition" is an upbeat and just overall lovely tune that I couldn't resist sharing. Check it out below yo. 


Sameblod - Feel My Breath

Beautifully crafted synth-pop from Sweden's up and coming Sameblod. I instantly fell in love with this song after my first listen. Hear "Feel My Breath" below and if the song makes your ears happy then make sure to download their full EP Our Future when it comes out tomorrow. Enjoy. 


Craft Spells - Party Talk

This post marks the second time that the California based new wave/dream pop group Craft Spells have been featured on the blog. Although "Party Talk" isn't new, I only recently discovered it and instantly had to share it. If you like what you hear, the band's first album Idle Labor was recently released and contains 11 songs that are just as fantastic as the one below.

MP3: Craft Spells - Party Talk /via/


Kisses - People Can Do The Most Amazing Things

Kisses are an electronic pop duo from Los Angeles, CA who make really good music. As blunt as that sounds I can assure you that after thinking of the best way to describe their music I am at a loss. All I know is that it's amazing. "People Can Do The Most Amazing Things" is one of the many fantastic songs off of their debut album Heart Of The Nightlife from last year. Check it.

MP3: Kisses - People Can Do The Most Amazing Things /via/


WhoMadeWho - Every Minute Alone

New song from Danish rock/dance band WhoMadeWho. Listen to "Every Minute Alone" below and if you like what you hear then be sure to check out their recently released album Knee Deep over on iTunes.

WhoMadeWho "Every Minute Alone" by Kompakt


Seapony - Blue Star

Seapony recently released a new song with the same dreamy/fuzzy/jangly sound they are known for. Ugh. I love it. Listen to "Blue Star" below and keep your eyes peeled for the whole album, entitled Go With Me, when it is released May 31st on Hardly Art.

MP3: Seapony - Blue Star /via/


The New Division - Walk In The Dark

The last time that The New Division were featured on the blog I was praising their EP, now I'm doing the same to their newest single. "Walk In The Dark" is The New Division's most recent song and it's fantastic. From the Charlie Sheen sample in the beginning to the spliced up vocals throughout--all of it fits perfectly in the sparkling atmosphere of the song. Check it out below and stay tuned for their upcoming double single! Enjoy.

MP3: The New Division - Walk in the Dark /via/

Poolside - Do You Believe

LA based musicians, Poolside, have some pretty awesome tunes. But the one below, "Do You Believe", is one of my personal favorites. Listen below and if you like the song, why not check out the official video?

Poolside - Do You Believe by Poolside Music


Saharan Gazelle Boy - Amy Needs A Vacation

This song makes me happy. I don't know why, but it does. Chances are "Amy Needs A Vacation" will make you happy too. And if it doesn't, then maybe a different Saharan Gazelle Boy song will. To find more songs by these guys, check out their myspace or iTunes profile.

MP3: Saharan Gazelle Boy - Amy Needs A Vacation /via/


Triptides - Something Silver

Simple lo-fi surf pop by Indiana's Triptides. The song below, "Something Silver", is off of their self titled debut album from last year. It's a splendid little tune that flows effortlessly. Have a listen for yourself below.

MP3: Triptides - Something Silver /via/


SebastiAn - Embody

This video is just a tease of the epicness that is to come on SebastiAn's new album Total. It comes out May 30th via Ed Banger Records. Are you ready?


unouomedude - Frequency

2 new tracks from Florida's unouomedude were released on bandcamp last week. The song below "Frequency" is one of the 2 that were released on the 7". It's a fuzzy delight that has been on repeat for a good deal of time now. Hear it for yo' self below.

MP3: Unouomedude - Frequency /via/


Justice - Civilization

Electronic perfection from the one and only french DJ duo, Justice. What a way to come back after a four year hiatus. Listen to "Civilization" below and if you're un-aware of their previous music ventures, take a look at their myspace. You'll be happy you did. 

MP3: Justice – Civilization /via/


Twin Sister - Lady Daydream

Twin Sister's second EP Color Your Life came out last year and has been getting rave reviews ever since. The song below "Lady Daydream" is one of the more popular song's off of said EP. It's easy to see why. More music by Twin Sister can be found on myspace or on iTunes. Cheggit out.  

MP3: Twin Sister - Lady Daydream /via/


Dirty Beaches - True Blue

The unique 50's inspired lo-fi sound and distant production of Dirty Beaches won my heart and ears on the fist listen. His music really is an enjoyable treat that has a lot of soul and emotion. Listen to "True Blue" below to see what I'm saying. 

MP3: Dirty Beaches - True Blue /via/